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RULE §21.63Expedited Filings

(a) An eligible trust company as defined in §21.1(4) of this title (relating to Definitions) may file an expedited filing in lieu of an application required under §21.64 of this title (relating to Application for Merger or Share Exchange) and simultaneously tender the required filing fee pursuant to §21.2 of this title (relating to Filing and Investigation Fees).

(b) An expedited filing consists of a letter application including, except to the extent waived by the banking commissioner, the following items:

  (1) a summary of the transaction;

  (2) a current pro forma balance sheet and income statement for all parties to the transaction, with adjustments, reflecting the proposed transaction as of the most recent quarter ended immediately prior to the filing of the application, demonstrating that each resulting trust company meets the statutory capital requirement or capital requirement imposed by order or condition of the banking commissioner. The pro forma must include a statement of fiduciary assets as well as corporate assets;

  (3) an executed opinion of counsel conforming to the requirements of §21.64(b)(12) of this title;

  (4) copies of all other required regulatory notices or filings submitted to other state or federal regulatory agencies concerning the transaction; and

  (5) a copy of the public notice published in conformity with §21.64(d) of this title.

(c) The banking commissioner shall notify the applicant on or before a date that is 15 days after receipt of the application if expedited filing treatment is not available under this section for any reason. Such notification must be in writing and must indicate the reason expedited treatment is not available. Notification is effective when mailed by the banking commissioner and is not subject to appeal.

(d) The banking commissioner may deny expedited filing treatment to an eligible trust company if, in the exercise of discretion, the banking commissioner finds that the application involves one or more of the following:

  (1) the proposed transaction involves significant policy, supervisory, or legal issues;

  (2) approval of the proposed transaction is contingent on additional statutory or regulatory approval by the banking commissioner or another state or federal regulatory agency;

  (3) the proposed transaction contemplates a resulting entity that is not an authorized fiduciary institution;

  (4) the proposed transaction involves a fiduciary institution or other entity that is not domiciled in Texas;

  (5) the proposed transaction would cause the corporate or fiduciary assets of a resulting trust company to increase by more than 100%;

  (6) the proposed transaction involves a trust company that has experienced, since the last commercial examination by a state or federal regulatory agency, corporate or fiduciary asset growth, through acquisition or otherwise, greater than 100%; or

  (7) a resulting fiduciary institution that is not "well capitalized" as defined in 12 Code of Federal Regulations, §325.103, or that will not meet capital requirements imposed by its principal regulator.

(e) The banking commissioner shall approve or deny an expedited filing on or before a date that is 30 days after the date the expedited filing is accepted for filing pursuant to §21.4 of this title (relating to Required Information and Abandoned Filings). The banking commissioner may, in the exercise of discretion, before the expiration of the period for decision, give the applicant written notice that the banking commissioner will convene a hearing to obtain evidence related to the application, and the decision will thereafter be made in accordance with §21.72 of this title (relating to Approval; Conditional Approval; Denial of Application; Hearings).

(f) The applicant bears the burden to supply all material information necessary to enable the banking commissioner to make a fully informed decision regarding the expedited filing.

Source Note: The provisions of this §21.63 adopted to be effective December 31, 1998, 23 TexReg 13033; amended to be effective July 10, 2008, 33 TexReg 5277

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