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RULE §265.199Specific Safety Features
Repealed Date:09/01/2004

  (1) Lifesaving equipment at new and existing Class C pools. At a new and existing Class C pool, at least one of each of the following items of lifesaving equipment shall be mounted in a conspicuous place or places around the pool deck within 20 feet of the pool, and kept in good repair and ready condition. One unit shall be presumed to be adequate for 2,000 square feet of water surface area. At Class C pools where lifeguards are not provided, one additional unit shall be provided for each additional 2,000 square feet of water surface area or major fraction thereof as follows:

    (A) a light, strong, non-telescopic reaching pole not less than 12 feet long, including a body hook or shepherd's crook type of pole, having blunted ends. This pole shall be constructed of fiberglass or some other electrically non-conducting material; and

    (B) 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch diameter throwing rope a length of two-thirds the maximum width of the pool to which has been firmly attached a United States Coast Guard approved ring buoy with an outside diameter of 15 to 24 inches.

  (2) Backboards at new and existing pools. New and existing Class A and B pools and Class C pools which have diving board(s) and/or slide(s), or lifeguards shall have one or more backboards with a minimum of three tie down straps and head immobilizer for back and neck injuries.

  (3) First aid kits at new and existing pools. New and existing Class A and B pools and other pools with lifeguards shall be equipped with a first-aid kit meeting OSHA requirements. First aid kits shall be housed in a durable weather resistant container and kept filled and ready for use (including disease transmission barriers and cleansing kits that meet OSHA standards). Pools and spas shall be equipped with a standard 24-unit first aid kit which shall be kept filled and ready for use. At Class C pools, first aid kits are recommended but not required.

(i) Telephones at new and existing pools and spas. New and existing pools and spas shall have a telephone or other electronic means capable of immediately summoning emergency service readily accessible within 200 feet unimpeded distance (an unlocked door or gate shall not be considered an impediment) of the pool or spa water. A sign in plain view of the pool or spa shall state in letters at least one inch high: "In case of emergency, call 911 (or other appropriate emergency number or action)." If the location of the telephone or other electronic means is not readily visible from the pool or spa, the sign shall include a concise description of the location of the telephone or other electronic means. If other electronic means are provided, clear instructions regarding their use shall be provided.

(j) Lighting for new pools and spas. Lighting as described in this subsection shall be provided if a new pool or spa is open for use after sunset and before sunrise or during periods of low illumination. It is recommended that pool or spa lighting systems be designed by lighting professionals whose practice includes pool and spa lighting.

  (1) Underwater lighting of not less than 0.5 watts (incandescent equivalent) per square foot of pool water surface area shall be provided. Such lights shall be spaced to provide illumination so that all portions of the pool or spa, including the bottom, may be readily seen without glare. Additionally, underwater lighting system design shall be consistent with IESNA RP-6, 1988.

  (2) Overhead lighting shall comply with IESNA RP-6, 1988, standards.

(k) Indoor ventilation for new pools and spas. A new pool or spas that is constructed indoors shall be constructed to meet ASHRAE 62-1989 "Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality" standards.

Source Note: The provisions of this §265.199 adopted to be effective June 17, 1999, 24 TexReg 4365

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