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RULE §9.3064Public Notice of Protest and Appeal Forms
Historical Texas Register

(a) The comptroller will make available to appraisal districts a model form of the notice required by Tax Code, §41.70. A chief appraiser may use the comptroller's model form in complying with Tax Code, §41.70. The comptroller's model form will include, at a minimum:

  (1) general identification of grounds on which a property owner may protest under Tax Code, Chapter 41;

  (2) a description of the appraisal district's informal review process, if any;

  (3) a description of the appraisal review board and the process of appeal to the appraisal review board;

  (4) a description of the appraisal review board hearing process;

  (5) information regarding deadlines for filing protests with the appraisal review board;

  (6) information regarding methods of appealing an appraisal review board order;

  (7) information regarding the payment of taxes pending an appeal of an appraisal review board order;

  (8) identification of the appraisal district's contact information; and

  (9) a statement that additional information can be obtained from the comptroller's office.

(b) The chief appraiser may duplicate the comptroller's model form or use a different form that sets out the information listed in the model form in the same language and sequence as the model form. Without prior approval from the comptroller, the appraisal district may:

  (1) add additional language that more fully describes its protest procedures;

  (2) substitute the actual dates on which deadlines for the year fall for the deadlines set out in the model form;

  (3) add the deadline for filing a protest concerning property omitted from the appraisal roll; and

  (4) modify the form as necessary to correctly set out its name, address, and telephone number.

(c) In special circumstances, if approved by the comptroller in writing prior to publication, the chief appraiser may use a form that provides additional information other than that contained in the model form, deletes information required by the model form, or sets out the required information in different language or sequence than that required by the model form.

(d) The headline of the published notice shall be in 18-point type or larger. Body copy for the notice shall be in 10-point type or larger.

(e) The comptroller's model form applicable to this section may be revised at the discretion of the comptroller. Current forms can be obtained from the Comptroller of Public Accounts' Property Tax Assistance Division.

Source Note: The provisions of this §9.3064 adopted to be effective February 3, 1998, 23 TexReg 800; amended to be effective October 6, 2010, 35 TexReg 8976

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