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RULE §884.3Special Requirements for Complaints Alleging Violations Related to Court Ordered Evaluations
Texas Register

(a) A person who seeks to file a complaint alleging a statutory or rule violation arising out of or related to a court ordered evaluation (e.g. child custody evaluation, adoption evaluation, competency or insanity evaluation, psychological evaluation) must, in addition to submitting a Council-approved complaint form, comply with the requirements of this rule when filing a complaint. This rule does not apply to evaluations conducted in administrative proceedings before a state or federal agency.

(b) A complaint subject to this rule may not be filed prior to entry of judgment or final order by the trial court, or alternatively, prior to dismissal of the case. A complaint received by the Council prior to these specified events will be dismissed by staff as premature. A complaint dismissed as premature may be resubmitted as a new complaint upon the occurrence of one of these events.

(c) A complaint subject to this rule will be considered timely filed if brought within the time period specified by the general rule governing timeliness of complaints or within one year of the relevant event specified in subsection (b) of this section, whichever is greater.

(d) A complaint subject to this rule must include the following documentation or information:

  (1) A copy of the court order appointing the licensee to conduct the evaluation, or alternatively, a transcript or excerpt therefrom or written statement from an attorney-of-record in the case reflecting the licensee's appointment;

  (2) A copy of the licensee's expert report, or a statement that no such report was produced or provided;

  (3) A copy of any judgment, final order, or dismissal entered by the trial court; and

  (4) A copy of any documents provided by the licensee describing the costs of services, the nature of the services provided, as well as any limitations associated with those services, or a statement that no such documents were provided.

(e) A complaint that does not substantially comply with subsection (d) of this section shall be dismissed by agency staff. A complaint may be held open for no more than 30 days following notice to the complainant regarding any such deficiency, after which, agency staff shall dismiss the complaint if the deficiency is not cured.

(f) A complaint subject to this rule shall be dismissed unless the complainant can show:

  (1) The licensee was disqualified or struck as an expert witness by the trial court;

  (2) The licensee's opinion or inferences (i.e. testimony or report) complained of were ruled inadmissible by the trial court;

  (3) A curriculum vitae and written report by an expert that provides a fair summary of the expert's opinions regarding the applicable law governing the licensee's expert opinion or report (i.e. standard of care) and the manner in which the licensee failed to meet the requirements of the applicable law. The report must come from an expert qualified to render an expert opinion under Texas law on the relevant subject;

  (4) A letter from an attorney licensed to practice law in Texas setting forth the applicable law governing the licensee's expert opinion or report and reflecting an opinion as to the manner in which the licensee failed to meet the requirements of the applicable law; or

  (5) The agency would be likely to prevail at a hearing before SOAH based upon the information provided.

Source Note: The provisions of this §884.3 adopted to be effective September 1, 2020, 45 TexReg 4764

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