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RULE §4.55Assessment and Placement
Historical Texas Register

(a) An institution shall assess, by an instrument approved in §4.56 of this subchapter (relating to Texas Success Initiative Assessment Instrument), the academic skills of each entering, non-exempt undergraduate student as defined in §4.53(23) of this subchapter (relating to Definitions) prior to enrollment of the student.

(b) For each student, including a student who is exempt as provided by §4.54 of this subchapter (relating to Exemption) or who has been determined by an institution to be ready to enroll in entry-level academic courses as provided by §4.54, institutions are strongly encouraged to provide the student with advising, appropriate course and program placement, and support based on the individual student's skills, strengths, and needs, to increase the likelihood of the student's success in completing the courses and program in which the student enrolls.

(c) Under exceptional circumstances, an institution may permit a student to enroll in entry-level academic coursework without assessment but shall require the student to be assessed not later than the end of the first semester of enrollment in entry-level academic coursework.

(d) Prior to the administration of an approved instrument in §4.56, a test administrator shall provide to the student a pre-assessment activity or activities that address at a minimum the following components in an effective and efficient manner, such as through workshops, orientations, and/or online modules:

  (1) Importance of assessment for identifying a student's academic skills, strengths, and needs;

  (2) Assessment process and components, including practice with feedback of sample test questions in all disciplinary areas;

  (3) Developmental education options offered by the institution including Non-Course-Based Options; and/or

  (4) Institutional and/or community student resources (e.g., supplemental instruction, tutoring, transportation, childcare, basic needs support, or emergency financial aid).

(e) For placement of a non-exempt undergraduate student not meeting standards as defined in §4.57(a) of this subchapter (relating to Texas Success Initiative Assessment College Readiness Standards), institutions shall use for determination of appropriate courses, interventions, and other support the student's TSI Assessment results and accompanying Diagnostic Profile, along with other relevant information such as:

  (1) High school Grade Point Average/class ranking;

  (2) Prior academic coursework or work experience;

  (3) Demonstrated personal achievement (e.g., leadership, motivation, self-efficacy); and

  (4) Family-life issues (e.g., job, childcare, transportation, finances).

(f) An institution offering collegiate-level credit to students via a Multi-Institution Teaching Center (MITC) or a university system center, or to in-state students by distance learning delivery systems shall ensure that students are assessed as required by this section.

(g) An institution may not use the assessment or the results of the Board-approved assessment instrument as provided by §4.56 as a condition of admission to the institution.

Source Note: The provisions of this §4.55 adopted to be effective May 16, 2024, 49 TexReg 3243

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