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RULE §297.6Recommended Building Occupant Responsibilities
Historical Texas Register

(a) Cleanliness. Offices, classrooms, workrooms, mechanical rooms and supply areas should be kept clean and orderly to prevent contamination of indoor air and conditions conducive to insect or rodent infestations.

(b) Product usage. Products such as pesticides, air fresheners (including plug-ins), scented products (including candles), spray products, and other materials that may be a health concern, should not be used.

(c) Work activities. Use the least toxic instructional or work materials (markers, glue, art supplies, etc.) that will serve the intended purpose. When activities/projects generate air pollutants, steps should be taken to minimize impact, such as using local exhaust fans or opening windows.

(d) Diffusers and grills. Supply air diffusers and return air grills should be kept free and clear of any obstructions.

(e) Mechanical Rooms. Mechanical rooms and/or closets housing HVAC systems should not be used for storage.

(f) Spills. Spills should be cleaned up promptly and properly. Materials to cleanup the spills of hazardous chemicals must be disposed of in accordance with all applicable state and federal laws.

(g) Pets. Animals should be maintained in such a manner to prevent IAQ problems.

(h) Sensitive individuals. Carefully consider and, to the extent feasible, accommodate the needs of sensitive individuals by the following.

  (1) Consulting. Individuals with allergies or chemical intolerances should consult, as necessary, with health officials, and their physicians.

  (2) Locating. Locate sensitive individuals away from potential sources of symptom-triggering substances and activities.

  (3) Discouraging. Discourage the use of scented personal care products or other scented products that may cause adverse reaction in sensitive individuals.

(i) Food. Food should be stored in airtight containers and refrigerated if necessary. Applicable food policies should be followed.

(j) Garbage. Waste containers should be stored properly, emptied regularly, and located away from air intakes or other sensitive areas.

(k) Tobacco Policy. Employees and visitors entering a government building will abide by the building's written "Tobacco Policy."

(l) Portable air cleaning devices. Portable air cleaning filtration devices may be of limited help in cleaning a small area. They must be properly maintained to be beneficial.

(m) Ozone-generating devices. Ozone-generating devices should not be used in occupied spaces. Ozone is a lung irritant.

(n) Reporting. Promptly report IAQ problems/complaints to the IAQ coordinator or designee.

(o) Medical care. Any building occupant experiencing chronic or serious health problems is encouraged to seek appropriate medical care, and work with medical professional(s) to manage the illness.

Source Note: The provisions of this §297.6 adopted to be effective December 22, 2002, 27 TexReg 11759

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