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RULE §90.2Facilities
Repealed Date:02/05/2020

  (9) Arrangements for drying clothes shall be provided.

(i) Toilets.

  (1) Toilets shall be located within 200 feet of each living arrangement. No privy shall be located within 100 feet of any living arrangement, dining room, mess hall, or kitchen.

  (2) Sufficient toilets for the occupants of each living arrangement shall be constructed in a manner conducive to good repair and maintained in a sanitary condition. Privies shall be fly proof and of adequate capacity.

  (3) Communal accommodations shall have toilets for each sex separated by a solid wall from floor to ceiling and shall be designated "men' or "women' in English and in the language of the facility occupants, or in universal symbols.

  (4) Communal toilet rooms shall be lighted naturally or artificially by a safe type of lighting and shall be well ventilated, all outside openings shall be screened with 16 mesh material.

  (5) Water closets or privy seats shall be provided in a ratio of one per 15 persons of each sex. A minimum of one for each sex shall be provided in communal accommodations. Family living accommodations containing private toilets will not be considered when establishing the number of shared toilets.

  (6) Urinals may be substituted for men's toilet seats in a ratio of one urinal of 24 inches of trough-type urinals per toilet seat to a maximum of one-third of the required toilet seats.

  (7) Urinals and the surrounding walls and floor shall be constructed of nonabsorbent material.

(j) Garbage and other refuse.

  (1) Containers with tight fitting lids for garbage and other refuse storage shall be provided to and located within 100 feet of each living accommodation. Containers of up to 32 gallon capacity may be used. They shall be supplied in a ratio of one per living accommodation. Bulk type containers may be used. Lost or damaged containers must be promptly replaced.

  (2) Containers shall be durable, in good repair, and maintained in a sanitary condition.

  (3) Garbage and refuse shall be collected at least twice a week. Disposal of garbage and refuse shall be in accordance with requirements of the Texas Department of Health concerning solid waste management, 25 TAC Chapter 325 (relating to Solid Waste Management).

(k) Electricity and lighting.

  (1) All facility sites shall be provided with electricity. The electrical systems shall conform to all applicable codes and shall be sufficient to provide the electricity with sufficient amperage to operate all required and available features, including but not limited to lighting, stoves, hot water heaters, heating systems, portable heaters, refrigeration, and such other devices as may be connected to wall type convenience outlets.

  (2) Each habitable room and all communal rooms and areas (laundry rooms, toilets, privies, hallways, stairways, etc.) shall contain ceiling or wall-type light fixtures. At least one wall-type electrical convenience outlet shall be provided in each individual living room.

  (3) Lighting shall be provided in the yard area and pathways to communal arrangements.

  (4) All wiring and lighting fixtures shall be installed and maintained in a safe condition in accordance with National Electrical Code and state and local codes.

  (5) Light levels in toilet and storage rooms shall be at least 20 foot candles 30 inches from the floor. Other rooms, including kitchens and living quarters, shall be at least 30 foot candles 30 inches from the floor.

(l) Screening.

  (1) All outside opening shall be protected with screening of 16 mesh or less.

  (2) All screen doors shall be tight and equipped with self-closing devices.

  (3) All screens shall be maintained in good repair.

(m) Insect and rodent control.

  (1) Housing sites, housing units, and utility areas shall be constructed to exclude insects, rodents, and other vermin.

  (2) A vector control program shall be maintained to insure effective control of all insects, rodents, and other vermin.

  (3) All vector control programs shall be designed and executed to insure maximum protection of the occupants.

(n) Fire, safety, and first aid.

  (1) All buildings or structures shall be maintained and used in accordance with the provisions of the state and local regulations.

  (2) In one story facilities utilized by less than 10 persons, two means of escape shall be provided. One of the two required means of escape may be a readily accessible window with a space that can be opened of not less than 24 inches by 24 inches.

  (3) Central dining facilities, assembly rooms, and all sleeping quarters intended for use by 10 or more persons shall have, as alternate means of escape, at least two remotely separated doors that open to an interior hallway or to the outside.

  (4) Sleeping quarters and assembly rooms located on a second story shall have a stairway, plus permanently affixed exterior ladder or a second stairway.

  (5) Fire extinguishing equipment shall be provided in an accessible place located within 100 feet from each facility. Such equipment shall provide protection equal to a 2 1/2 gallon stored pressure of five gallon pump type water extinguisher.

  (6) First aid supplies shall be provided and be accessible at all times. The supplies shall be equivalent to the 16 unit first aid kit recommended by the American Red Cross, and shall be provided in a ratio of one to 50 persons. First aid kits shall be distributed and placed conspicuously throughout the migrant labor housing facility.

  (7) Flammable or volatile liquids or materials, except those needed for household use other than use as fuel, shall not be stored in or adjacent to rooms used for living purposes.

  (8) Agricultural pesticides and toxic chemicals other than those commonly regarded as being for household use, such as cleaning agents, shall not be stored within the facility site. Any pesticide or other toxic materials, and any potentially hazardous implements or equipment, kept within 500 feet of the facility site shall be stored in a secure, locked enclosure.

Source Note: The provisions of this §90.2 adopted to be effective January 8, 2006, 30 TexReg 8873

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