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RULE §25.263True-up Proceeding

    (D) If the TDU/APGC true-up balance is positive, then a CTC shall be imposed to enable the APGC to recover any positive fuel balance. If the TDU/APGC true-up balance is negative, then a fuel credit shall be implemented to return the over-recovered fuel balance to ratepayers.

  (3) The TDU shall be allowed to recover, or shall be liable for, carrying costs on the true-up balance. This provision shall apply to all amounts the commission has authorized to be collected under this section that have not been securitized. Carrying costs on the unrecovered true-up balance shall be calculated from January 1, 2002, until the true-up balance is fully recovered. Based on the filing described below that is made within 30 days of the effective date of this rule, carrying costs shall be calculated using an interest rate determined as follows.

    (A) The TDU shall file an application to adjust the carrying costs and amend its CTC tariff on a prospective basis in conformance with this paragraph within 30 days of the effective date of an amendment to this paragraph. The establishment of the interest rate used to calculate carrying charges shall be based upon the following:

      (i) The weighted average of the TDU's unadjusted historical cost of debt (HC) and an adjusted form of the TDU's marginal cost of debt (MC), with the weightings based on the utility's most recently authorized capital structure. The HC component shall be the cost of debt as determined in a final commission order, provided that the order was entered within three years of the effective date of this rule, for a rate proceeding in which the TDU's cost of debt was explicitly addressed or can be determined based upon the order's authorized weighted-average cost of capital (overall rate of return on invested capital), proportions of debt and equity, and allowed return on equity. The MC component shall be based upon the average yield for long-term bonds of public utilities with the TDU's current credit rating during the three-month period preceding the filing, as published in Moody's Credit Perspectives (or a similar publication if Moody's Credit Perspectives is not available). Additionally, the MC component shall be adjusted--i.e., grossed-up--for the effects of federal income taxes. The following formula shall be used to determine the weighted-average carrying cost described above: CTC Carrying Charge Rate = MC * Equity Proportion of Most Recently Authorized Capital Structure * 1/(1-Tax Rate) + HC * Debt Proportion of Most Recently Authorized Capital Structure.

      (ii) If the commission, within three years prior to the effective date of this rule, did not enter a final order in a rate proceeding that addresses the TDU's cost of debt, the HC component used in the interest rate determination described in the preceding clause shall be based upon the cost of debt reported in the utility's most recent Earnings Monitoring Report filed pursuant to §25.73 of this title (relating to Financial and Operating Reports), adjusted for known and measurable changes.

    (B) In each rate case for the TDU, the calculation of carrying costs on the TDU's unsecuritized true-up balance shall be reviewed and adjusted to reflect authorized changes in the TDU's capital structure and cost of debt. Further, to reflect the effect of the CTC carrying charge rate across the entirety of the TDU's recoverable regulated assets, a composite rate of return incorporating the CTC carrying charge rate may be applied to both the unsecuritized true-up balance and the TDU rate base. The composite rate of return shall be calculated as follows: Composite Pre-Tax Rate of Return = CTC Carrying Charge Rate * Unsecuritized True-up Balance / (Unsecuritized True-up Balance + TDU Rate Base) + TDU Authorized Pre-Tax Weighted-Average Cost of Capital * TDU Rate Base / (Unsecuritized True-up Balance + TDU Rate Base).

(m) TDU/AREP true-up balance. The TDU shall bill the AREP for, and the AREP shall remit to the TDU, the amount calculated pursuant to subsection (j) of this section, plus carrying costs. Carrying costs shall be calculated in accordance with subsection (l) of this section and shall be calculated for the period of time from the date of the true-up final order until fully recovered. The commission may reduce the TDU's rates to reflect the amounts due from the AREP.

(n) Proceeding subsequent to the true-up.

  (1) The TDU shall file an application to adjust its rates within 60 days following the issuance of a final, appealable order in its true-up proceeding. In the proceeding, the commission may adjust the TDU's rates and any CTC, in accordance with PURA §39.262(g), and any excess mitigation credit. The commission may also allocate the recovery responsibility for such rates and any CTC to the TDU's customer classes.

  (2) In the proceeding, the commission shall also consider adopting remittance standards, if necessary, with respect to the credits or bills as among the TDU, the APGC, and the AREP.

Source Note: The provisions of this §25.263 adopted to be effective December 24, 2001, 26 TexReg 10498; amended to be effective August 7, 2003, 28 TexReg 5993; amended to be effective June 2, 2004, 29 TexReg 5338; amended to be effective July 20, 2006, 31 TexReg 5603

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