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RULE §114.260Transportation Conformity

    (A) The MPO, TxDOT, or the commission, as applicable, shall respond to comments of affected agencies on MTPs, TIPs, projects, or SIP revisions in accordance with the public participation procedures that govern the involved action. The MPO, TxDOT, or the commission, as applicable, shall include all comments and the replies to those comments with final documents when they are submitted for adoption by the agency's governing board. In the event that comments are not adequately resolved, the procedures outlined in paragraph (4) of this subsection regarding conflict resolution apply.

    (B) Because the validity of the regional emissions analysis depends on transportation modeling assumptions that need periodic updates, the MPO, with the assistance of TxDOT and local publicly owned transit agencies, will conduct meetings with the agencies specified in paragraph (1)(A) of this subsection to cooperatively establish research and data collection efforts and regional model development (e.g., household/transportation surveys).

    (C) For the purposes of evaluating and choosing a model (or models) and associated methods and assumptions to be used in hot spot and regional emissions analyses, agencies specified in paragraph (1)(A) of this subsection shall participate in a working group. The frequency of meetings and agendas for them will be cooperatively determined by the agencies specified in paragraph (1)(A) of this subsection.

    (D) The commission, affected MPOs, affected local air quality agencies, and TxDOT shall cooperatively evaluate events that will trigger the need for new conformity determinations. New conformity determinations may be triggered by events established in 40 CFR §93.104 as well as other events, including emergency relief projects that require substantial functional, locational, and capacity changes, or in the event of any other unforeseeable circumstances.

    (E) The MPO and its governing body, or TxDOT if applicable, shall make conformity determinations for all MTPs, TIPs, regionally significant projects, and all other events as required by 40 CFR Part 93, Subpart A and this section. Upon completion of the transportation conformity determination review process (including consultation, public participation, and all other requirements of this section), FHWA and FTA will issue a joint conformity finding, indicating the transportation conformity status of the document(s) under review. The effective date of the conformity determination for an area is the date of the joint conformity finding made by FHWA-FTA.

  (4) Conflict resolution.

    (A) The commission and the MPO (or TxDOT where appropriate) shall make a good-faith effort to address the major concerns of the other party in the event they are unable to reach agreement on the conformity determination of a proposed MTP or TIP. The efforts must include meetings of the agency executive directors, if necessary.

    (B) In the event that the MPO or TxDOT determines that every effort has been made to address the commission's concerns, and that no further progress is possible, the MPO or TxDOT shall notify the commission's executive director in writing to this effect. This subparagraph must be cited by the MPO or TxDOT in any notification of a conflict that may require action by the governor, or his or her delegate under subparagraph (C) of this paragraph.

    (C) The commission has 14 calendar days from date of receipt of notification, as required in subparagraph (B) of this paragraph, to appeal to the governor. If the commission appeals to the governor, the final conformity determination must then have the concurrence of the governor. The governor may delegate his or her role in this process, but not to the commission or commission staff, a local air quality agency, the Texas Transportation Commission or TxDOT staff, or an MPO. This subparagraph must be cited by the commission in any notification of a conflict that may require action by the governor or his or her delegate. If the commission does not appeal to the governor within 14 calendar days from receipt of written notification, the MPO or TxDOT may proceed with the final conformity determination.

  (5) Public comment on conformity determinations. Consistent with the requirements of 23 CFR Part 450, concerning public participation, the agencies making conformity determinations on transportation plans, programs, and projects must establish a proactive public participation process that provides opportunity for public review and comment. Any charges imposed for public inspection and copying should be consistent with the fee schedule contained in 49 CFR §7.43. In addition, these agencies shall address in writing any public comment claiming that a non-FHWA/FTA funded, regionally significant project has not been properly represented in the conformity determination for an MTP or TIP. Finally, these agencies shall provide opportunity for public involvement in conformity determinations for projects where otherwise required by law.

  (6) Good-faith effort made by the consulting agencies. In formulating an enforcement policy regarding a violation of this subsection (relating to the consultation process) the commission may consider any good-faith effort made by the consulting agencies to comply.

(e) Regionally significant, non-federal projects. For the purposes of 40 CFR §93.121, adoption or approval of a regionally significant, non-federal project (a regionally significant project that does not require FHWA or FTA approval or funding) occurs when affected agencies that are recipients of federal funds designated under 23 USC or the federal transit laws take one of the following actions:

  (1) board approval, action, or resolution (such approval, action, or resolution does not include MPO approval for the purposes of approving a project in a currently conforming MTP or TIP);

  (2) issuance of administrative permits for the regionally significant project;

  (3) action of official authorizing the regionally significant project to proceed;

  (4) providing grants or loans for the construction of a regionally significant project; or

  (5) contract execution for the regionally significant project.

(f) Compliance date. Compliance with this section is required for transportation conformity determinations that begin the interagency consultation process after the date of EPA approval of the transportation conformity SIP associated with this rule.

Source Note: The provisions of this §114.260 adopted to be effective December 1, 1997, 22 TexReg 11388; amended to be effective December 13, 1998, 23 TexReg 12428; amended to be effective May 22, 2003, 28 TexReg 3972; amended to be effective May 19, 2005, 30 TexReg 2856; amended to be effective July 19, 2007, 32 TexReg 4404

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