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RULE §328.60Scrap Tire Storage Site Registration

      (i) roles to be assumed by on-site personnel (example: fire-fighting coordinator, equipment custodian, hose operator, etc.) in the event of a fire, duty stations, and procedures to be followed by these persons;

      (ii) arrangements agreed to by local fire departments, police departments, hospitals, contractors, nearby businesses and industries that can be called for assistance, and state and local emergency response teams. In this regard, a letter from each of these entities shall be included in the fire plan, which letters shall acknowledge receipt of a copy of the fire plan, and agreement to participate as stated in the fire plan.

      (iii) names, addresses, and telephone numbers of these emergency response teams (fire, police, medical, etc.) that are to be included in the plan. The fire plan must include a map of the general area of the site that shows the site location, the location of the emergency response teams included in the plan (fire stations, police stations, hospitals, etc.). The plan shall also include the best route for these emergency response teams to take from their location to the site location;

      (iv) names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all site employees that are qualified to act as emergency coordinator(s) (this list must be kept up to date, and where more than one person is listed one must be designated as primary coordinator and the others as alternates);

      (v) a list of all emergency equipment at the facility (fire extinguishers, protective clothing items, hoses, pumps, axes, shovels, detention ponds, water storage tanks, fire hydrants, signal and alarm system equipment, decontamination equipment, etc.), a copy of the Site Layout Plan (to be posted at several prominent locations on the site as well as included in the fire plan) drawing that clearly marks the location of these items as well as personnel assembly points and evacuation routes from the site and from buildings on the site, and a narrative description of where these items are kept or located on site as well as a description of how the items are used (if applicable) and their capabilities;

      (vi) an evacuation procedure for facility personnel where there is a possibility that evacuation could be necessary, evacuation routes, alternate routes, and signals to be used by the emergency coordinator(s) for the various necessary procedures; and

      (vii) information about any insurance held by the company that would cover fire damage, loss, and cleanup.

    (D) Cost estimate for closure. The applicant shall submit a cost estimate for closure costs in accordance with §328.71 of this title (relating to Closure Cost Estimate for Financial Assurance).

    (E) Site operating plan. The Site Operating Plan shall include information to provide specific guidance and instructions for the management and operation of a scrap tire storage site and should include:

      (i) information on security, facility access control, the hours and days during which tire-hauling vehicles will be admitted, traffic control and safety;

      (ii) sequence of the development of the scrap tire storage site such as utilization of storage areas, drainage features, firewater storage ponds, trenches, and buildings;

      (iii) information on control of loading and unloading of used or scrap tires or tire pieces within designated areas, so as to minimize operational problems at the storage facility;

      (iv) fire prevention and control plans, and special training requirements for fire-fighting personnel that may be called for assistance;

      (v) vector control procedures for any type of vector that may be found at the scrap tire storage site;

      (vi) a procedure for removal of any waste material that is not a used or scrap tire or tire piece to a disposal facility permitted by the commission. This procedure must include the means to remove this illegally deposited waste material. In all cases, such waste shall be removed from the storage area immediately and placed in suitable collection bins, or shall be returned to the transporter's vehicle and removed from the scrap tire storage site. Collection bins must be emptied at least weekly, depending on the amount and type of unauthorized waste. The equipment necessary to meet this objective shall be specified in the design requirements and shall be on site and operable during operating hours;

      (vii) the name of the facility employee who is designated by the owner or operator to inspect each load of used or scrap tires or tire pieces that is delivered to the scrap tire storage site. The employee shall have the authority and responsibility to reject unauthorized or improperly manifested loads. The employee shall also be authorized to have unauthorized materials removed by the transporter, assess appropriate disposal fees, and have any unauthorized material removed by on-site personnel;

      (viii) a procedure whereby the required transporter manifest, the daily log and other required documents shall be maintained at the scrap tire storage site for a period of three years and be made available for inspection by the executive director or authorized agents or employees of local governments having jurisdiction to inspect the storage facility;

      (ix) dust and mud control measures for access roads, fire lanes, and storage areas within the scrap tire storage site;

      (x) posting of signs and enforcement of scrap tire storage site rules;

      (xi) procedures for wet-weather operations;

      (xii) preventive maintenance procedures for all storage areas, tire processing equipment, fire lanes, fire control devices, drainage facilities, access roads, buildings, and other structures on the scrap tire storage site in use during the active operating period of the scrap tire storage site. A schedule shall be established for periodic inspection of all equipment and facilities to determine if unsatisfactory conditions exist; and

      (xiii) incorporation of other instructions as necessary to ensure that the scrap tire storage site personnel comply with all of the operational standards for the facility.

  (11) The applicant seeking registration or amended registration for a scrap tire storage site shall submit evidence of financial responsibility in conformance with §328.71 of this title.

(c) Application processing. If an application for registration or amended registration of a scrap tire storage site is received that is not administratively or technically complete, the executive director shall notify the applicant of the deficiencies within 30 working days. If the additional information is not received within 60 days of the date of receipt of the deficiency notice, the executive director may return the incomplete application to the applicant. The executive director may extend the response time to a maximum of 270 days upon sufficient proof from the applicant within 60 days of the receipt of the deficiency note that an adequate response cannot be submitted within 60 days. If, however, the applicant does not submit an administratively and technically complete application or sufficient proof of inability within the time frames indicated, the application may be considered withdrawn without prejudice.

(d) Registration expiration. A scrap tire storage site registration shall expire 60 months from the date of issuance. A scrap tire storage site registration is transferable contingent upon executive director approval. A change in the federal tax identification number will constitute a change of ownership. Registrations shall be renewed prior to the expiration date. Applications for renewal shall be submitted at least 60 days prior to the expiration date of the scrap tire storage site registration. Failure to timely file an application for renewal shall result in automatic expiration of the registration.

Source Note: The provisions of this §328.60 adopted to be effective September 5, 1999, 24 TexReg 6761; amended to be effective October 7, 2010, 35 TexReg 8965

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