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RULE §111.18Capitol Collections Management Manual

      (ii) photographs of the object and, when generated, an eight-inch by ten-inch black-and-white photograph in archival sleeve;

      (iii) copies or originals of any invoices, receipts, or other paperwork related to acquisition; and

      (iv) background information and research on the object;

    (B) photographic files:

      (i) each CHA will be professionally photographed in 2 1/4-inch or four-inch by five-inch black-and-white format, and color when appropriate;

      (ii) resulting negatives and transparencies will be labeled and kept in archival storage files by negative/transparency size, filed in CHA order;

      (iii) an eight inch by ten inch black-and-white print will be developed, labeled and filed in each CHA object file as funding permits;

      (iv) any additional 35mm black-and-white and color prints and negatives related to the collections will be assigned photo numbers and filed chronologically by date photographed in archival boxes;

      (v) black-and-white (and color when applicable) condition photographs will be taken of any defects, flaws and/or damages to CHAs; one set will be filed in the object files, a copy set with negatives will be filed per clause (iv) of this subparagraph.

    (C) maintenance log:

      (i) a ledger will be maintained noting each repair or maintenance made to a CHA, including work done, by whom, cost, completion date, and photo numbers of any supporting photographic documentation;

      (ii) this information will also be added to the collections computer database file for the affected CHA.

    (D) deaccession files:

      (i) a ledger listing all deaccessions in chronological order will be maintained;

      (ii) background deaccession file information will be kept in the appropriate object file.

    (E) room files (where applicable):

      (i) layout of each room with each object noted on diagram;

      (ii) copies of catalog reports;

      (iii) list of any loan items in room; and

      (iv) memos or other information related to the room.

  (5) To assist in the public's understanding and appreciation of the Capitol collections, upon completion of the Capitol Interior Preservation Project, descriptive catalogues should be prepared for the various rooms where the objects are displayed (as applicable), providing both general information as well as specific data on each object in the room. At an appropriate point, funding should be secured to publish a permanent printed catalog of the Capitol's collections.

  (6) Documentation shall also be maintained on the loan collections. The numbering system will consist of an "L" designating a loan, followed by a sequential number, determined by the order of the loan, followed by the year the loan was accepted; (L2.1993, L3.1993). The loans will be entered into a separate accessions book, clearly labeled loan collection. Files for each loan object will be maintained, including a simplified catalog report, the original signed loan agreement and other related paperwork, and a snapshot photograph. Information on loan objects should be included in the room catalogues mentioned in paragraph (5) of this subsection.

  (7) To safeguard the primary documentation files, copies of the collections database printout and CHA catalog reports shall be deposited with the Texas State Archives and updated on a quarterly basis.

(i) Care of collections and amendments.

  (1) The curator of the Capitol is responsible for the care of the collections. Maintenance, repair, or restoration of objects in the collections shall be approved by the curator. All such work will be noted in the maintenance log, and the catalog reports will be updated as necessary, and repair receipts and invoices filed in the object files.

  (2) As outlined in the Texas Government Code, §443.017, the State Preservation Board can require a state agency or other state entity to transfer certain items of historical significance from that state or entity's inventory to State Preservation Board inventory. The following additional procedures shall be followed to assist the curator in the care of such items.

    (A) The curator of the Capitol shall provide to the appropriate personnel charged with property responsibility at each applicable state agency a list of all items being used by their agency that are Capitol historical artifacts under State Preservation Board inventory. This list shall include the object's state inventory number, its Capitol historical artifact number, and location.

    (B) The appropriate personnel must inform the curator if they wish to change the location of a Capitol historical artifact. Such items may only be moved or handled under the direct supervision of State Preservation Board curatorial staff.

    (C) The appropriate personnel must contact the curator to request any maintenance or restoration work on a Capitol historical artifact. Such work must be approved, supervised, and/or coordinated by the State Preservation Board curatorial staff.

    (D) Deaccessioning (selling, disposing of, or otherwise deleting from inventory) of any Capitol historical artifact can only be approved and coordinated by the State Preservation Board (see subsection (e) of this section).

  (3) At least every five years, the curator shall contract with a qualified conservator(s) to survey the collections and to prepare a report on their condition. The curator will maintain all reports on conservation actions taken by conservators and update the files accordingly.

  (4) Due to the fact that the Capitol is a functioning state office building, the office of the State Preservation Board shall coordinate security, atmospheric and emergency concerns with the Capitol police. Museum standards will be followed when feasible and practical, including the development of an emergency procedures manual addressing staff responsibilities in the event of theft, flood, fire, storm, explosion, war, and nuclear disaster.

  (5) The provisions of the manual may be revised, deleted, and amended upon the approval of the curator of the Capitol and the executive director of the State Preservation Board, and the State Preservation Board.

Source Note: The provisions of this §111.18 adopted to be effective January 12, 1989, 14 TexReg 56; amended to be effective November 12, 1991, 16 TexReg 6129; amended to be effective April 12, 1994, 19 TexReg 2197; amended to be effective April 30, 2000, 25 TexReg 3525; amended to be effective July 1, 2012, 37 TexReg 4891

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