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RULE §3.325Refunds and Payments Under Protest

  (2) If refund claims or credits are pending with the comptroller and a person makes additional claims for refund, the date of each claim controls whether interest is due and the amount applicable to each separate claim.

(e) Denial of refund claim.

  (1) The comptroller will notify the claimant if the comptroller determines that a refund claim cannot be granted in part or in full and will also notify the claimant which requirements of subsection (a)(4) of this section were not met. The claimant may then request a refund hearing within 30 days of the denial.

  (2) A person may not refile a refund claim for the same transaction or item, tax type, period, and ground or reason that was previously denied by the comptroller.

  (3) After receiving a timely request for a refund hearing, the comptroller may issue a written demand notice requesting that all documentation to enable the comptroller to verify the claim be produced within 180 days from the date of the demand notice. A person may not introduce into evidence at the hearing any documents that were not timely produced as requested by the demand notice. This limitation does not apply to a judicial proceeding filed in accordance with Tax Code, Chapter 112. The ability of the comptroller to demand documentation once a claim for a refund hearing is requested does not eliminate the requirement that persons provide documentation under subsection (a)(4)(E) of this section when the refund is first claimed.

(f) Payments under protest. A person who intends to file suit under Tax Code, Chapter 112, Subchapter B, must submit to the comptroller a letter of protest with the payment of the tax that is the subject of the protest. For information about payments under protest and electronic funds transfer payments, see §3.9(h) of this title (relating to Electronic Filing of Returns and Reports; Electronic Transfer of Certain Payments by Certain Taxpayers). The letter of protest must state fully and in detail every reason that the taxpayer contends that the assessment is unlawful or unauthorized and must accompany the payment. If the payment and letter of protest do not accompany one another, the payment will not be deemed to have been made under protest. The comptroller will advise the taxpayer of the amount of payment under protest that the comptroller has received and the date of the payment.

Source Note: The provisions of this §3.325 adopted to be effective July 19, 2011, 36 TexReg 4570; amended to be effective January 7, 2013, 38 TexReg 148

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