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RULE §330.7Permit Required

      (ii) The trench final cover procedures listed in clause (i) of this subparagraph are completed before facility closure, as described in subparagraph (Q) of this paragraph. If these procedures cannot be performed before the permit by rule term limit is reached, the county or municipality submits a current application form for reauthorization of the permit by rule to the executive director at least 14 days before the end of the permit term.

    (Q) Facility closure. The county or municipality notifies the executive director and the applicable regional office at least 60 days before the anticipated closure date of the facility. Within ten days after closure, submit to the executive director by registered mail a certified copy of an "affidavit to the public" in accordance with the requirements of §330.19 of this title (relating to Deed Recordation). In addition, record a certified notation of the deed to the facility property, or on some other instrument that is normally examined during title search, that will in perpetuity notify any potential purchaser of the property that the land has been used as a landfill facility and use of the land is restricted. Submit a certified deed to the executive director.

  (2) Other provisions. The following provisions also apply to this authorization.

    (A) Processing. This permit by rule also authorizes the processing of waste destined for the disposal unit. Authorized processing is limited to volume reduction, such as chipping or grinding, but not burning. Processing must occur within the permit boundary and may not occur within a buffer zone or right-of-way. Tires, RACM and non-RACM may not be processed. If required, the county or municipality must obtain authorization for air emissions resulting from this processing.

    (B) Fees. Waste that is disposed under this authorization is not subject to the fee requirements of Subchapter P of this chapter.

    (C) Other requirements. No other requirements under this chapter are applicable to a facility that meets all the requirements of this subsection.

Source Note: The provisions of this §330.7 adopted to be effective March 27, 2006, 31 TexReg 2502; amended to be effective August 16, 2012, 37 TexReg 6072; amended to be effective July 31, 2014, 39 TexReg 5796

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