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RULE §317.3Lift Stations

  (2) Alternative power supply. If the existing power supply is found to be unreliable, an emergency power supply or detention facility shall be provided. Options include:

    (A) electrical service from two separate commercial power companies, provided automatic switchover capabilities are in effect;

    (B) electrical service from two independent feeder lines or substations of the same electric utility, provided automatic switchover capabilities are in effect;

    (C) on-site automatic starting electrical generators;

    (D) reliance on portable generators or pumps. Proposals for the utilization of portable units shall be accompanied by a detailed report showing conclusively the ability of such a system to function satisfactorily. Portable units will be approved only in those cases where the station is equipped with an auto-dialer, telemetry device, or other acceptable operator notification device, operators knowledgeable in acquisition and startup of the portable units are on 24-hour call, the station is accessible in all weather conditions, reasonable assurances exist as to the timely availability and accessibility of the proper portable equipment, and the station is equipped with properly designed and tested quick connection facilities. This option is usually acceptable only for smaller lift stations.

  (3) Restoration of lift station. Provisions should be made to restore the lift station to service within four hours of outage.

  (4) Spill containment structures. A spill containment structure should be considered together with in-system retention in determining a total wastewater retention time. Because separate spill retention facilities are not suitable for all locations, engineers should check with the commission prior to designing such structures. The design shall provide:

    (A) a minimum storage volume of average design flow from the contributing area and the longest power outage during the most recent consecutive 24-month period or, if power records are not available, an assumed 24-hour outage;

    (B) an impermeable liner (such as concrete or synthetic fabric (20 mil thickness)) and should have an energy dissipator at the point of overflow from the lift station to prevent scour;

    (C) a fence with a controlled access; and

    (D) a plan for routine cleaning and inspection.

  (5) Alarm system. An audiovisual alarm system (red flashing light and horn) shall be provided for all lift stations. These alarm systems should be telemetered to a facility where 24-hour attendance is available. The alarm system shall be activated in case of power outage, pump failure, or a specified high water level.

Source Note: The provisions of this §317.3 adopted to be effective November 26, 2015, 40 TexReg 8341

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