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RULE §317.5Sludge Processing

    (D) Sludge removal. A splash block or slab shall be provided at the point where digested sludge is discharged onto each of the beds. Appropriate means shall be provided to facilitate the removal of the dried sludge from the beds for disposal without bed damage resulting. Every sludge drying bed should include a removal gate or stop planks in one end to provide access for machinery and trucks to remove and haul away the dried sludge.

    (E) Media. A minimum depth of 12 inches of filtering material, of which four to six inches is coarse sand, is required. To exclude surface water and eroded earth, the bed shall be protected by a permanent wall which shall extend at least 12 inches but not more than 24 inches above the finished surface of the beds.

  (2) Vacuum filters, belt filters, belt filter presses, and other mechanical dewatering filters.

    (A) Multiple units. Where dewatering of sludge is proposed, the design engineer shall provide data to document sufficient capacity, alternate disposal means, or storage facilities capable of maintaining normal daily operations during breakdowns, upsets, etc.

    (B) Filtrate. The filtrate from the filters shall be returned to the head of the treatment works or to the aeration system. Consideration shall be given to the impact of the returned filtrate on the treatment units and to providing odor and insect control facilities.

  (3) Portable dewatering units. If sludge is to be treated using portable mechanical dewatering units, provisions shall be made in the facility plan or preliminary engineering report for the location and connection of the portable dewatering unit(s) during facility operation.

Source Note: The provisions of this §317.5 adopted to be effective November 26, 2015, 40 TexReg 8341

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