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RULE §326.53Transporters

  (14) The post-collection storage of medical waste by a transporter shall be in a secure manner and location that affords protection from theft, vandalism, inadvertent human or animal exposure, rain, water, and wind. The waste shall be managed so as not to provide a breeding place or food for insects or rodents, and not generate noxious odors.

  (15) Transporters shall not accept untreated medical waste unless the generator has packaged the waste in accordance with the provisions of §§326.17, 326.19, and 326.21 of this title (relating to Identification; Packaging; and Labeling Containers Excluding Sharps, respectively). Transporters shall not accept containers of waste that are leaking or damaged unless or until the shipment has been repackaged. All transporters described in this subsection must obtain any additional transportation authorizations to comply with local, state and federal rules.

  (16) Persons who engage in the transportation of waste within Texas when the transportation neither originates nor terminates in Texas are exempt from these regulations, except for paragraph (6)(A)(i) - (iii) and (B) of this subsection.

  (17) Packages of untreated medical waste shall not be transferred between transportation units unless the transfer occurs at and on the premises of a facility authorized as a transfer station, or at a treatment/processing facility that has been approved to function as a transfer station except as provided in §326.43 of this title (relating to Medical Waste Collection and Transfer by Licensed Hospitals).

  (18) In case of transportation unit malfunction, the waste shipment may be transferred to an operational transportation unit and the executive director, and any local pollution agency with jurisdiction that has requested to be notified, shall be notified of the incident in writing within five working days. The incident report shall list all transportation units involved in transporting the waste and the cause, if known, of the transportation unit malfunction. Update to the transporter's registration by rule is required when the new unit or units are placed in medical waste transport service for a period of time exceeding five days. When using a unit not registered, the transporter shall comply with paragraphs (6) and (7) of this subsection.

  (19) In case of a traffic accident, the waste shipment may be transferred to an operating transportation unit if necessary. Any containers of waste that were damaged in the accident shall be repackaged as soon as possible. The nearest regional office, and any local pollution agency with jurisdiction that has requested to be notified, shall be notified of the incident no later than the end of the next working day. The incident report shall list all vehicles involved in transporting the waste.

  (20) Persons that apply for the registration by rule must maintain a copy of the registration by rule issued by the executive director with an assigned registration by rule number, at their designated place of business and with each transportation unit used to transport untreated medical waste.

(c) Changes to the registration by rule. Transporters shall notify the executive director, and any local pollution agency with jurisdiction that has requested to be notified, by letter, within 30 days of any changes to their registration if:

  (1) the office or place of business is moved;

  (2) the name of owner or operator of the operation is changed;

  (3) the name of the partners, corporate directors, or corporate officers change; or

  (4) the unit information has changed.

Source Note: The provisions of this §326.53 adopted to be effective May 26, 2016, 41 TexReg 3697

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