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RULE §326.71Registration Application Contents

  (3) For those processes that the manufacturer has documented compliance with the performance standard prescribed in 25 TAC §1.135 based on specified parameters (for example, pH, temperature, pressure, etc.), and for previously approved treatment processes that a continuous readout and record of operating parameters is available, the operator may substitute routine parameter monitoring for biological monitoring. The operator shall confirm that any chemicals or reagents used as part of the treatment process are at the effective treatment strength. The operator will maintain records of operating parameters and reagent strength for three years.

  (4) The manufacturer of single-use, disposable treatment units shall be responsible for maintaining adequate quality control for each lot of single-use products. The treating facility or entity shall be responsible for following the manufacturer's instructions.

  (5) Operators of medical waste treatment equipment shall use backflow preventers on any potable water connections to prevent contamination of potable water supplies.

  (6) Owners or operators of medical waste incinerators shall comply with the requirements in §111.123 of this title (relating to Medical Waste Incinerators) in lieu of biological or parametric monitoring.

  (7) Alternative treatment technologies may be approved in accordance with requirements found in 25 TAC §1.135 (relating to Performance Standards for Commercially-Available Alternate Treatment Technologies for Special Waste from Health Care-Related Facilities).

(k) Closure plan. The facility closure plan shall be prepared in accordance with the following criteria.

  (1) Facility units shall be dismantled and removed off-site or decontaminated.

  (2) The owner or operator shall remove all waste and material on-site (unprocessed, in process, and processed), transport them to an authorized facility and disinfect all contaminated water handling units and all processing areas.

  (3) Closure of the facility must be completed within 180 days following the last acceptance of processed or unprocessed materials unless otherwise directed or approved in writing by the executive director.

(l) Certification of final closure.

  (1) No later than 90 days prior to the initiation of a final facility closure, the owner or operator shall, through a published notice in the newspaper(s) of largest circulation in the vicinity of the facility, provide public notice for final facility closure. This notice shall provide the name, address, and physical location of the facility; the registration number, as appropriate; and the last date of intended receipt of waste. The owner or operator shall also make available an adequate number of copies of the approved final closure plan for public access and review. The owner or operator shall also provide written notification to the executive director of the intent to close the facility and place this notice of intent in the operating record.

  (2) Upon notification to the executive director as specified in paragraph (1) of this subsection, the owner or operator of a medical waste management facility shall post a minimum of one sign at the main entrance and all other frequently used points of access for the facility notifying all persons who may utilize the facility of the date of closing for the entire facility and the prohibition against further receipt of waste materials after the stated date. Further, suitable barriers shall be installed at all gates or access points to adequately prevent the unauthorized dumping of solid waste at the closed facility.

  (3) Within ten days after completion of final closure activities of a facility, the owner and operator shall submit to the executive director by registered mail:

    (A) a certification, signed by an independent licensed professional engineer, verifying that final facility closure has been completed in accordance with the approved closure plan. The submittal to the executive director shall include all applicable documentation necessary for certification of final facility closure; and

    (B) a request for voluntary revocation of the facility registration.

(m) Cost estimate for closure.

  (1) The cost estimate must:

    (A) equal the costs for closure of the facility, including disposition of the maximum inventories of all processed and unprocessed waste;

    (B) be based on the costs of hiring a third party that is not affiliated with the owner or operator; and

    (C) be based on a volume (cubic yard) and/or weight (pound, ton) measure for collection and disposition costs.

  (2) An increase in the closure cost estimate and the amount of financial assurance provided under subsection (n) of this section must be made if changes to the facility conditions increase the maximum cost of closure at any time during the active life of the facility.

  (3) A reduction in the closure cost estimate and the amount of financial assurance provided under subsection (n) of this section may be approved if the cost estimate exceeds the maximum cost of closure at any time during the operation of the facility. A reduction in the cost estimate and the financial assurance must be considered a modification and the owner or operator shall provide a detailed justification for the reduction of the closure cost estimate and the amount of financial assurance.

(n) Financial assurance. A copy of the documentation required to demonstrate financial assurance as specified in Chapter 37, Subchapter R of this title (relating to Financial Assurance for Municipal Solid Waste Facilities) shall be submitted 60 days prior to the initial receipt of waste. Continuous financial assurance coverage for closure must be provided until all requirements of the final closure plan have been completed and the facility is determined to be closed in writing by the executive director.

(o) Site operating plan. This plan will provide general operating procedures for facility management for day-to-day operations at the facility. At a minimum, the site operating plan must include a description for how the items in §326.75 of this title (relating to Site Operating Plan) will be implemented. A facility that has an environmental management system that meets the minimum standards described in §90.30 of this title (relating to Minimum Standards for Environmental Management Systems) and is approved to operate under an environmental management system in accordance with §90.31 of this title (relating to Review of Incentive Applications for Environmental Management System), is not subject to site operating plan requirements while the authorization to operate under the environmental management system remains in place. In the event the executive director terminates authorization to operate under an environmental management system, the facility must comply with the site operating plan requirements within 90 days.

(p) The approved site operating plan, the final closure plan, and all other documents and plans required by this chapter shall become operational requirements and shall be considered a part of the operating record of the facility. Any deviation from the registration, the incorporated plans, or any other documents associated with the registration is a violation of this chapter.

Source Note: The provisions of this §326.71 adopted to be effective May 26, 2016, 41 TexReg 3697

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