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RULE §157.33Certification

    (C) All applicants shall submit fingerprints through the state approved fingerprinting service to undergo an FBI fingerprint criminal history check.

    (D) The applicant has completed a state approved jurisprudence examination to determine the knowledge on state EMS laws, rules, and policies.

    (E) Reciprocity is not allowed for the ECA level.

    (F) A candidate will not be eligible for reciprocity if the out-of-state certification expires prior to the completion of all requirements for certification as listed in this section.

    (G) A candidate who meets the requirements of this section shall be certified for four years beginning on the date of issuance of a certificate and wallet-size certificate.

  (3) Personnel receiving department issued certification through reciprocity must recertify prior to the expiration of the certificate by following the requirements in §157.34 of this title.

(j) Equivalency.

  (1) Candidates meeting the following criteria may apply for certification only through the equivalency process as described in this subsection:

    (A) an individual who completed EMS training outside the United States or its possessions;

    (B) an individual who is certified or licensed in another healthcare discipline;

    (C) an individual whose department issued EMS certification or license has been expired for more than one year; or

    (D) an individual who has held department issued inactive certification for more than four years.

  (2) A candidate applying for certification by equivalency shall:

    (A) submit a copy of the curriculum and work history completed by the candidate to a regionally accredited post-secondary institution approved by the department to sponsor an EMS education program for its review;

    (B) obtain a course completion document that verifies that the program is satisfied that all curriculum requirements have been met. Evaluations of curricula conducted by post-secondary educational institutions under this subsection shall be consistent with the institution's established policies and procedures for awarding credit by transfer or advanced placement;

    (C) the candidate may then apply for initial certification with the department as described in subsection (a) of this section; and

    (D) The applicant has completed a state approved jurisprudence examination to determine the knowledge on state EMS laws, rules, and policies.

(k) For all applications and renewal applications, the department is authorized to collect subscription and convenience fees, in amounts determined by the Texas Online Authority, to recover costs associated with application and renewal application processing through Texas Online.

(l) Applicant immunization history.

  (1) If the applicant's immunization history is included in the immunization registry as defined by Health and Safety Code §161.007, the department shall provide the applicant notice of the applicant's immunization history using information from the immunization registry.

  (2) If the applicant's immunization history is not included in the immunization registry, the department shall provide:

    (A) details about the program developed under Health and Safety Code, §161.00707; and

    (B) the specific risks to emergency medical services personnel when responding rapidly to an emergency of exposure to and infection by a potentially serious or deadly communicable disease that an immunization may prevent.

(m) Responsibilities of the EMS personnel. During the license period, the EMS Personnel responsibilities shall include:

  (1) making accurate, complete and/or clearly written patient care reports including documenting a patient's condition upon the EMS personnel's arrival at the scene and patient's status during transport, including signs, symptoms, and responses during duration of transport as per EMS provider's approved policy;

  (2) reporting to the employer, appropriate legal authority or the department, of abuse or injury to a patient or the public within 24 hours or the next business day after the event;

  (3) following the approved medical director's protocol and policies;

  (4) taking precautions to prevent the misappropriation of medications, supplies, equipment, personal items, or money belonging to the patient, employer or any person or entity;

  (5) maintaining skill and knowledge to perform the duties or meet the responsibilities required of current level of EMS certification; and

  (6) notifying the department of a current and/or valid mailing address within 30 days of any changes.

Source Note: The provisions of this §157.33 adopted to be effective August 31, 2006, 31 TexReg 6739; amended to be effective February 12, 2017, 42 TexReg 430; amended to be effective December 5, 2019, 44 TexReg 7396

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