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RULE §24.1Definitions

  (52) "Phytocannabinoid" means the Cannabinoid chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant, two of which are Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-9 THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

  (53) "Postdecarboxylation" means a value determined after the process of decarboxylation that determines the total potential delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol content derived from the sum of the THC and THC-A content and reported on a dry weight basis. The postdecarboxylation value of THC can be calculated by using a chromatograph technique using heat, and gas chromatography, through which THC-A is converted from its acid form to its neutral form, THC. Thus, this test calculates the total potential THC in a given sample. The postdecarboxylation value of THC can also be calculated by using a high-performance liquid chromatograph technique, which keeps the THC-A intact, and requires a conversion calculation of that THC-A to calculate total potential THC in a given sample. See the definition for decarboxylation.

  (54) "Processing" means converting an agricultural commodity into a marketable form.

  (55) "Produce" means to cultivate hemp plants in Texas.

  (56) "Producer" means a person who produces hemp. A producer includes an owner, operator, landlord, tenant, or sharecropper, who shares in the risk of producing a crop and who is entitled to share in the crop available for marketing from the farm or facility, or would have shared had the crop been produced. A producer includes a grower of hybrid seed. A producer also means a person who stores the hemp plants they produced within Department-registered locations.

  (57) "Program or hemp program" means the process created by the state of Texas and federal statutes and regulations to facilitate the regulation and cultivation of hemp as a crop.

  (58) "Reverse distributor" means a person who is registered with the DEA in accordance with 21 C.F.R. §1317.15 to dispose of marijuana.

  (59) "Sample" means a composite, representative portion from one variety of hemp plants in a hemp lot, collected prior to harvest in accordance with Department guidelines and procedures.

  (60) "Sample collection date" means the date a hemp sample is collected by the Department or an authorized entity. To determine the sample collection date, the Department may take into consideration events of force majeure or unusual circumstances, including situations beyond a reasonable person's control.

  (61) "Sampler" means a person or entity authorized by the Department to conduct the sampling and collection of hemp plants.

  (62) "Signing authority" means an individual of a sole proprietorship, or an officer or agent of an entity with written authorization to commit the entity to a binding agreement or verify the contents of a governmental document.

  (63) "Specimen" means a cutting taken from a hemp plant for the purposes of sample collection.

  (64) "Storage" means any structure or container, whether temporary or permanent in nature, in which the producer or handler will store hemp. "Storage" does not include containers used to deliver samples.

  (65) "The Code" means the Texas Agriculture Code.

  (66) "Transplant" means to move a fully germinated seedling, mature plant, cutting, or clone from one lot and to replant it in another permanent lot under the control of the same license holder, for later harvest by the same license holder. "Transplant" also means a plant, cutting, or clone that has been moved from its initial lot of germination or cultivation for the purpose being transplanted.

  (67) "Transport manifest" includes a shipping certificate, cargo manifest or transport document developed by the Department or a U.S authority, authorizing transport of a hemp product within the State of Texas, any other state, the United States of America, or its territories.

  (68) "TPIA" means the Texas Public Information Act, Texas Government Code, Chapter 52.

  (69) "Unique ID" means the unique identifier established by the Department's hemp program.

  (70) "USDA" means the United States Department of Agriculture.

  (71) "U.S. authority" means the United States of America, USDA or a sub-agency thereof, a state, a US territory, or an Indian Nation, or federal, state or local law enforcement agency.

Source Note: The provisions of this §24.1 adopted to be effective March 11, 2020, 45 TexReg 1655

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