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RULE §61.101Applicability of State Law for Special Purpose School Districts

  (10) TEC, §§25.08111 and 25.111-25.114, do not apply.

  (11) The requirements of TEC, §28.004, to have a school health advisory council do not apply, but the special purpose school district shall:

    (A) comply with the provisions of TEC, §28.004, with regard to the parameters of health education and curriculum materials; posting, notice, and grievance provisions; and consideration of related issues; and

    (B) require that the advisory board solicit community and parental input and develop recommendations regarding the subject matter of TEC, §28.004(c)(1), (2)(A) and (D)-(H), and (3)-(6).

  (12) Financial accountability and fiscal management under TEC, Chapters 39 and 44, shall apply as if the special purpose school district were a university charter school, and the special purpose school district's public funds must be maintained in a manner that allows auditing of the public funds separate from other funds.

(j) The provisions of this section apply to each special purpose school district's operation for educating students eligible for enrollment in Texas public schools who enroll in the state-funded special purpose school district. This section does not apply to a tuition-based program operated in tandem with the state-funded program. However, the school operations that include Texas students are subject to subsection (l) of this section.

  (1) A parent of a Texas student may voluntarily decide to enroll a student in the tuition-based program.

  (2) The special purpose school district shall biannually report student attendance in its state-funded school and Texas student attendance in its tuition-supported school. Information shall be provided to ensure that student participation does not disadvantage any student group from access to the state-funded school.

(k) Each special purpose school district shall submit to the SBOE by September 1 of each odd-numbered year an updated list by section of the TEC, Title I and Title II, with recommendations regarding which sections of the code should apply or not apply to the operations of its schools. The submission must compare the recommendations to the list last provided to the SBOE.

(l) If the special purpose school district declines FSP payment, the special purpose school district is authorized to charge tuition and is subject to:

  (1) accreditation, academic assessment, academic and financial accountability, and interventions under TEC, Chapters 39 and 39A; and

  (2) reporting requirements imposed by the Texas Education Agency.

(m) The parent university of each special purpose school district shall submit nominations for and establish an advisory board as soon as practicable, and the provisions of this section that require the special purpose school district to develop a policy apply beginning with the 2021-2022 school year.

Source Note: The provisions of this §61.101 adopted to be effective October 25, 2020, 45 TexReg 7420

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