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RULE §353.1306Comprehensive Hospital Increase Reimbursement Program for program periods on or after September 1, 2021

    (B) ACIA will be determined by HHSC to be a percentage that is estimated to result in payments for the hospital that are equivalent to the amount described under subsection (g)(3)(A) of this section.

  (2) HHSC will limit the percentage rate increases determined pursuant to this subsection to no more than the levels that are supported by the amount described in subsection (j)(3) of this section. Nothing in this section may be construed to limit the authority of the state to require the sponsoring governmental entities to transfer additional funds to HHSC following the reconciliation process described in §353.1301(g) of this subchapter, if the amount previously transferred is less than the non-federal share of the amount expended by HHSC in the SDA for this program.

  (3) After determining the percentage of rate increase using the process described in paragraphs (1) and (2) of this subsection, HHSC will modify its contracts with the MCOs in the SDA to direct the percentage rate increases.

(j) Non-federal share of CHIRP payments. The non-federal share of all CHIRP payments is funded through IGTs from sponsoring governmental entities. No state general revenue is available to support CHIRP.

  (1) HHSC will communicate suggested IGT responsibilities for the program period with all CHIRP hospitals at least 10 calendar days prior to the IGT declaration of intent deadline. Suggested IGT responsibilities will be based on the maximum dollars to be available under the CHIRP program for the program period as determined by HHSC, plus eight percent; and forecast member months for the program period as determined by HHSC. HHSC will also communicate estimated revenues each enrolled hospital could earn under CHIRP for the program period with those estimates based on HHSC's suggested IGT responsibilities and an assumption that all enrolled hospitals will meet 100 percent of their quality metrics and maintain consistent utilization with the prior year.

  (2) Sponsoring governmental entities will determine the amount of IGT they intend to transfer to HHSC for the entire program period and provide a declaration of intent to HHSC no later than 21 business days before the first half of the IGT amount is transferred to HHSC.

    (A) The declaration of intent is a form prescribed by HHSC that includes the total amount of IGT the sponsoring governmental entity intends to transfer to HHSC.

    (B) The declaration of intent is certified to the best knowledge and belief of a person legally authorized to sign for the sponsoring governmental entity but does not bind the sponsoring governmental entity to transfer IGT.

  (3) HHSC will issue an IGT notification to specify the date that IGT is requested to be transferred no fewer than 14 business days before IGT transfers are due. Sponsoring governmental entities will transfer the first half of the IGT amount by a date determined by HHSC, but no later than June 1. Sponsoring governmental entities will transfer the second half of the IGT amount by a date determined by HHSC, but no later than December 1. HHSC will publish the IGT deadlines and all associated dates on its Internet website no later than March 15 of each year.

(k) Effective date of rate increases. HHSC will direct MCOs to increase rates under this section beginning the first day of the program period that includes the increased capitation rates paid by HHSC to each MCO pursuant to the contract between them.

(l) Changes in operation. If an enrolled hospital closes voluntarily or ceases to provide hospital services in its facility, the hospital must notify the HHSC Provider Finance Department by hand delivery, United States (U.S.) mail, or special mail delivery within 10 business days of closing or ceasing to provide hospital services. Notification is considered to have occurred when the HHSC Provider Finance Department receives the notice.

(m) Reconciliation. HHSC will reconcile the amount of the non-federal funds actually expended under this section during the program period with the amount of funds transferred to HHSC by the sponsoring governmental entities for that same period using the methodology described in §353.1301(g) of this subchapter.

(n) Recoupment. Payments under this section may be subject to recoupment as described in §353.1301(j) and §353.1301(k) of this subchapter.

Source Note: The provisions of this §353.1306 adopted to be effective March 28, 2021, 46 TexReg 1977

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