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RULE §3.66Weather Emergency Preparedness Standards

that subchapter. The establishment of these penalty guidelines shall in no way limit the Commission's authority and discretion to cite violations and assess administrative penalties. The Commission retains full authority and discretion to cite violations of Texas Utilities Code, Chapter 121, Subchapter E, or a safety standard or other rule prescribed or adopted under that subchapter, and to assess administrative penalties in any amount up to the statutory maximum when warranted by the facts in any case, regardless of inclusion in or omission from this section. The penalty calculation worksheet shown in the table in paragraph (1) of this subsection lists the typical penalty amounts for certain violators, the circumstances justifying enhancements of a penalty, and the circumstances justifying a reduction in a penalty.

(h) Confidentiality. If a gas supply chain facility operator or a gas pipeline facility operator filing information required by this section contends certain information is confidential by law, the operator shall file a complete version of the required information and a version for public inspection in which the confidential information has been redacted. If the Commission receives a request under the Texas Public Information Act (PIA), Texas Government Code, Chapter 552, for materials that have been designated confidential, the Commission will notify the filer of the request in accordance with the provisions of the PIA so that the filer can take action with the Office of the Attorney General to oppose release of the materials.

Source Note: The provisions of this §3.66 adopted to be effective September 19, 2022, 47 TexReg 5781

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