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RULE §681.52Parenting Facilitation

  (2) must report to law enforcement or other authorities if they have reason to believe that any participant appears to be at serious risk to harm themselves or a third party;

  (3) must maintain records necessary to support charges for services and expenses and must make a detailed accounting of those charges to the parties and their counsel if requested to do so;

  (4) must maintain notes regarding all communications with the parties, the children, and other persons with whom they speak about the case; and

  (5) must maintain records in a manner that is professional, legible, comprehensive, and inclusive of information and documents that relate to the parenting facilitation process and that support any recommendations made by the licensee.

(y) Records of a licensee serving as a parenting facilitator, are not mental health records and are not subject to the disclosure requirements of Texas Health and Safety Code, Chapter 611. At a minimum, records must be maintained for the period of time described in §681.36 of this title (relating to Client Records), or as otherwise directed by the court.

(z) Records of a licensee serving as a parenting facilitator must be released on the request of either parent, as directed by the court, or as directed by the Council.

(aa) Charges for parenting facilitation services must be based upon the actual time expended by the parenting facilitator or as directed by the written agreement of the parties and/or formal order of the court.

(bb) All fees and costs must be appropriately divided between the parties as directed by the court order of appointment and/or as noted in the parenting facilitators' written fee disclosure to the parties.

(cc) Fees may be disproportionately divided fees if one parent is disproportionately creating a need for services and if such a division is outlined in the court order of appointment and/or as noted in the parenting facilitators' written fee disclosure to the parties.

(dd) Services and activities for which a licensee serving as a parenting facilitator may charge include time spent interviewing parents, children and collateral sources of information; preparation of agreements, correspondence, and reports; review of records and correspondence; telephone and electronic communication; travel; court preparation; and appearances at hearings, depositions and meetings.

(ee) The minimum training for a licensee serving as a parent facilitator that is required by Texas Family Code, §153.6101(b)(2) is:

  (1) eight hours of family violence dynamics training provided by a family violence service provider;

  (2) 40 classroom hours of training in dispute resolution techniques in a course conducted by an alternative dispute resolution system or other dispute resolution organization approved by the court;

  (3) 24 classroom hours of training in the fields of family dynamics, child development, family law; and

  (4) 16 hours of training in the laws and Council rules governing parent coordination and facilitation, and the multiple styles and procedures used in different models of service.

(ff) A licensee serving as a parent facilitator must decline an appointment, withdraw, or request appropriate assistance when the facts and circumstances of the case are beyond the licensee's skill or expertise.

(gg) Since parenting facilitation services are addressed under multiple titles in different jurisdictions nationally, acceptability of training to meet the requirements of subsection (ee) of this section, is based on functional skills taught during the training rather than the use of specific titles or names.

Source Note: The provisions of this §681.52 adopted to be effective November 19, 2020, 45 TexReg 8139; amended to be effective September 21, 2023, 48 TexReg 5144

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