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RULE §70.10Definitions

(a) The following words and terms, when used in this chapter, shall have the following meanings, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.

  (1) 100% inspection--Inspection of each module or modular component at each and every stage of construction including, but not limited to, framing, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, energy compliance systems, and system testing.

  (2) Alteration--Any construction, other than ordinary repairs of the house or building, to an existing industrialized house or building after affixing of the decal by the manufacturer or REF builder. Industrialized housing or buildings that have not been maintained shall be considered altered.

  (3) Alteration decal--The approved form of certification issued by the department to an industrialized builder to be permanently affixed to an industrialized building module indicating that alterations have been constructed to meet or exceed the code requirements and in compliance with this chapter.

  (4) Building site--A lot, the entire tract, subdivision, or parcel of land on which industrialized housing or buildings are sited.

  (5) Building system--The design and/or method of assembly of modules or modular components represented in the plans, specifications, and other documentation which may include structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, fire protection, and other systems affecting health and safety.

  (6) Chapter 1202--Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 1202, Industrialized Housing and Buildings.

  (7) Closed construction--That condition where any industrialized housing or building, modular component, or portion thereof is manufactured in such a manner that all portions cannot be readily inspected at the site without disassembly or destruction thereof.

  (8) Commercial structure--An industrialized building classified by the mandatory building codes for occupancy and use groups other than residential for one or more families.

  (9) Compliance Control Program--The manufacturer's system, documentation, and methods of assuring that industrialized housing, buildings, and modular components, including their manufacture, storage, handling, and transportation conform with Chapter 1202 and this chapter.

  (10) Construction Documents--The aggregate of all plans, specifications, calculations, and other documentation required to be submitted to the design review agency for compliance review to the mandatory building code.

  (11) Component--A sub-assembly, subsystem, or combination of elements for use as a part of a building system or part of a modular component that is not structurally independent, but may be part of structural, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, fire protection, or other systems affecting life safety.

  (12) Decal--The approved form of certification issued by the department to the manufacturer or REF builder to be permanently affixed to the module or to a site-built REF indicating that it has been constructed to meet or exceed the code requirements and in compliance with this chapter.

  (13) Design package--The aggregate of all plans, designs, specifications, and documentation required by these sections to be submitted by the manufacturer to the design review agency, or required by the design review agency for compliance review, including the compliance control manual and the on-site construction documentation. Unique or site specific foundation drawings and special on-site construction details prepared for specific projects are not a part of the design package.

  (14) Design review agency--An approved organization, private or public, determined by the council to be qualified by reason of facilities, personnel, experience, demonstrated reliability to review designs, plans, specifications, and building systems documentation, and to certify compliance to these sections evidenced by affixing the council's stamp.

  (15) Final on-site inspection report--A report issued by a council-approved inspector, or a record of final inspection issued by a municipal building inspection department, indicating that the inspection of the on-site construction was successful in accordance with §70.73.

  (16) IAS--International Accreditation Service.

  (17) ICC--International Code Council, Inc.

  (18) ICC ES--International Code Council Evaluation Services.

  (19) Industrialized builder--A person who is engaged in the assembly, connection, and on-site construction and erection of modules or modular components at the building site or who is engaged in the purchase of industrialized housing or buildings modules or modular components for sale or lease to the public. An industrialized builder also includes a person who assembles and installs site-built REFs that are moved from the initial construction site.

  (20) Insignia--The approved form of certification issued by the department to the manufacturer to be permanently affixed to the modular component indicating that it has been constructed to meet or exceed the code requirements and in compliance with the sections in this chapter.

  (21) Installation--On-site construction of industrialized housing or buildings. (see definition of on-site construction).

  (22) Lease, or offer to lease--A contract or other instrument by which a person grants to another the right to possess and use industrialized housing or buildings for a specified period of time in exchange for payment of a stipulated price.

  (23) Local building official--The agency or department of a municipality or other local political subdivision with authority to make inspections and to enforce the laws, ordinances, and regulations applicable to the construction, alteration, or repair of residential and commercial structures.

  (24) Manufacturer--A person who constructs or assembles modules or modular components at a manufacturing facility which are offered for sale or lease, sold or leased, or otherwise used.

  (25) Manufacturing facility--The place other than the building site, at which machinery, equipment, and other capital goods are assembled and operated for the purpose of making, fabricating, constructing, forming, or assembly of industrialized housing, buildings, modules, or modular components.

  (26) Model--A specific design of an industrialized house, building, or modular component which is based on size, room arrangement, method of construction, location, arrangement, or size of plumbing, mechanical, or electrical equipment and systems therein in accordance with an approved design package.

  (27) Module--A three dimensional section of industrialized housing or buildings, designed and approved to be transported as a single section independent of other sections, to a site for on-site construction with or without other modules or modular components.

  (28) Modular building--Industrialized housing and buildings as defined in Texas Occupations Code §1202.002 and §1202.003, and any relocatable, educational facility as defined in §1202.004, regardless of the location of construction of the facility.

  (29) NFPA--National Fire Protection Association.

  (30) Non site-specific building--An industrialized house or building for which the permanent site location is unknown at the time of construction.

  (31) On-site construction--Preparation of the site, foundation construction, assembly and connection of the modules or modular components, affixing the structure to the permanent foundation, connecting the structures together, completing all site-related construction in accordance with designs, plans, specifications, and on-site construction documentation.

  (32) Open construction--That condition where any house, building, or portion thereof is constructed in such a manner that all parts or processes of manufacture can be readily inspected at the building site without disassembly, damage to, or destruction thereof.

  (33) Permanent foundation system--A foundation system for industrialized housing or buildings designed to meet the applicable building code as set forth in §§70.100, 70.101, and 70.102.

  (34) Permanent industrialized building--An industrialized building that is not designed to be transported from one commercial site to another commercial site.

  (35) Permit, Alteration--A registration issued by the department to a person who is responsible for the alteration construction of industrialized housing, buildings or site-built REFs and who is not also registered as an industrialized builder.

  (36) Permit, Commercial Installation--A registration issued by the department to a person who purchases an industrialized building for the person's own use and who assumes responsibility for the installation of the industrialized building.


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