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RULE §21.911Plans and Approvals

(a) Plans.

  (1) The design of all utility installations will be the responsibility of the utility.

  (2) The plans for the proposed installation shall be submitted to and meet the approval of the department before construction is initiated.

  (3) Plans shall be drawn to scale showing the relationship of the proposed utility line to the railroad tracks, the angle of crossing, location of valves and vents, the railroad mile post and engineering station, railroad property lines, and general layout of tracks and other railroad facilities. The plans shall include a cross-section or sections from the field survey that will show utility placement in relation to actual profile of ground and tracks. If tunneling is proposed, method of supporting tracks or driving of tunnel shall be shown. The geotechnical study, when required, shall be included.

  (4) For carrier pipe and casing pipe, the plans shall contain the:

    (A) contents to be carried;

    (B) inside diameter;

    (C) pipe material;

    (D) specifications and grade of material;

    (E) wall thickness;

    (F) actual working pressure;

    (G) type of joints;

    (H) longitudinal joint factor;

    (I) coating;

    (J) method of installation;

    (K) vents (number, size, height above ground);

    (L) seals-both ends, one end;

    (M) cover (top of tie to top of pipe or casing);

    (N) cover (other than under tracks);

    (O) cover (at ditches);

    (P) cathodic protection; and

    (Q) type, size, and spacing of insulators or supports.

  (5) When a geotechnical study is required, the findings and protection plan shall be prepared by a Texas licensed civil engineer and included with the plans. The geotechnical crew must be properly permitted to enter state railroad right of way and a flagger will be required when working within 25 feet of the track.

  (6) Plans shall be submitted to the department no less than 30 days prior to the beginning of construction.

(b) Approvals. Approval of plans is required for all installations of utilities prior to initiation of work on state railroad right of way. The execution of the work on state railroad right of way shall be subject to the inspection and direction of the department.

Source Note: The provisions of this §21.911 adopted to be effective April 20, 2006, 31 TexReg 3273

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