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RULE §67.27Form and Content of Pleadings

(a) Typewritten or printed. Pleadings shall be typewritten or printed on paper not to exceed 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches with an inside margin at least one inch wide and attached exhibits shall be folded to the same size. Unless printed, the impression shall be on one side of the paper only and shall be double spaced, except that footnotes and quotations in excess of a few lines may be single spaced. Reproductions may be by any process, provided all copies are true and correct, clear and permanently legible.

(b) Content. Pleadings shall state their object, shall contain a concise statement of the supporting facts, and shall be signed by the Party or his Authorized Representative.

(c) Signature and address. The original of every Pleading shall be signed in ink by the Party filing it or by his Authorized Representative. Pleadings shall contain the address, phone number, facsimile number and email address of the Party filing the document or the name, business address, and telephone and facsimile numbers of the Authorized Representative.

(d) Form for Pleadings. All Pleadings shall contain the following:

  (1) the name of the Party supporting or opposing the action of the Executive Director, Examiner, the Board or its designee;

  (2) a concise statement of the facts relied upon by the pleader;

  (3) a citation of the authority supporting the relief requested;

  (4) a prayer stating the type of relief, action, or Order desired by the pleader;

  (5) any other matter required by statute or applicable rule; and

  (6) a certificate of service or other notation showing that a copy of the Pleading has been served on all other Parties to the Proceeding or their Authorized Representatives in accordance with §67.7 of this chapter (relating to filing and service of documents and Pleadings).

(e) Waiver. The Executive Director, Examiner, the Board or its designee, if applicable, may waive any requirement of this section if it is determined that application of the requirement to a Party would create an unnecessary hardship and that not requiring the Party to comply with the section will not adversely affect the rights of any other Party.

Source Note: The provisions of this §67.27 adopted to be effective March 19, 1986, 11 TexReg 1149; amended to be effective January 10, 1999, 24 TexReg 165; amended to be effective September 14, 2006, 31 TexReg 7359; amended to be effective December 24, 2015, 40 TexReg 9302

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