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RULE §117.3345Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements

(a) Recordkeeping. The owner or operator of a stationary, reciprocating combustion engine subject to §117.3310 of this title (relating to Emission Specifications for Eight-Hour Attainment Demonstration) shall maintain written or electronic records of the data specified in this subsection. Such records must be kept for a period of at least five years and must be made available upon request by authorized representatives of the executive director, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, or local air pollution control agencies having jurisdiction. The records must include:

  (1) for each engine using a continuous emissions monitoring system (CEMS) or predictive emissions monitoring systems (PEMS) in accordance with §117.3335(a) or (b) of this title (relating to Monitoring, Notification, and Testing Requirements), monitoring records of hourly emissions for engines complying with an emission specification enforced on a block one-hour average;

  (2) for each engine subject to §117.3310 of this title, records of:

    (A) emissions measurements required by §117.3330(b)(3) of this title (relating to Operating Requirements); and

    (B) catalytic converter, air-fuel ratio controller, or other emissions-related control system maintenance, including the date and nature of corrective actions taken;

  (3) records of the results of initial certification testing, evaluations, calibrations, checks, adjustments, and maintenance of CEMS, PEMS, or steam-to-fuel or water-to-fuel ratio monitoring systems;

  (4) records of the results of performance testing, including the testing conducted in accordance with §117.3335(d) of this title; and

  (5) records of the ammonia monitoring required by §117.3335(e) of this title, if applicable.

(b) Records for exempt engines. Written records of the number of hours of operation for each day's operation must be made for each engine claimed exempt under §117.3303(5) of this title (relating to Exemptions) or §117.3330(b)(3) of this title. In addition, for each engine claimed exempt under §117.3303(5) of this title, written records must be maintained that document the purpose of the engine operation, and if operation was for an emergency situation, identify the type of emergency situation and the start and end times and date(s) of the emergency situation. The records must be maintained for at least five years and must be made available upon request to representatives of the executive director, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, or any local air pollution control agency having jurisdiction.

(c) Reporting. Except for the ammonia monitoring requirements of §117.3335(e) of this title, the owner or operator of an affected stationary, reciprocating combustion engine shall furnish the appropriate regional office and the Office of Compliance and Enforcement reports of all testing and monitor certifications required under §117.3335 of this title. Reports must be submitted for review and approval within 60 days after completion of the testing and must contain the information specified in §117.8010 of this title (relating to Compliance Stack Test Reports). Testing conducted under §117.3330(b)(3) of this title is not subject to the reporting requirements of this subsection.

Source Note: The provisions of this §117.3345 adopted to be effective June 14, 2007, 32 TexReg 3206

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