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RULE §140.279Issuance of Certificate of Registration

(a) Issuance of certificate. The Department of State Health Services (department) shall issue a certificate of registration and a registration identification card containing a registration number and expiration date to each qualified applicant.

(b) Certificate and identification card. Any certificate of registration or identification card issued remains the property of the department and shall be surrendered on demand of the department.

(c) Display of certificate. The certificate shall be displayed in a prominent location in the primary office or place of employment of the registrant. A current identification card shall be carried by the registrant.

(d) Reproduced or altered certificates/cards. The certificate or identification card shall not be reproduced or altered in any manner.

(e) Duplicate replacement certificates. Duplicate replacement certificates will be issued by the department upon written request from a registrant and payment of the appropriate duplicate certificate fee. The request shall include a statement detailing the loss or destruction of the original certificate or identification card or be accompanied by the damaged certificate or card.

(f) Individual or dual registration. A certificate of registration shall be issued for a contact lens dispenser or a spectacle dispensing optician. In the event an individual is registered as a contact lens dispenser and a spectacle dispensing optician, he or she shall be issued one certificate which lists both titles.

(g) Titles.

  (1) A registered spectacle dispensing optician may refer to himself or herself as a registered dispensing optician, a registered spectacle dispenser, or a registered spectacle dispensing optician.

  (2) A registered contact lens dispenser may refer to himself or herself as a registered contact lens technician or a registered contact lens dispenser.

  (3) A registrant may not use abbreviations or other letters to represent that the person is registered.

(h) Expiration of initial registration. The initial registration certificate is valid through the registrant's next birth month for a term of up to two years.

Source Note: The provisions of this §140.279 adopted to be effective August 14, 2008, 33 TexReg 6394

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