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RULE §265.81General Provisions

(a) Applicability of standards. These minimum standards shall be considered as minimum requirements within the State of Texas and shall in no way affect the authority of municipalities to enact more stringent regulatory ordinances nor counties to pass an order establishing more stringent regulations governing the use of private sewage facilities in the county as authorized under Texas Water Code §21.084. Proposed county regulations must be approved by the Texas Water Quality Board prior to enactment.

(b) Preparation of plans.

  (1) Plans required. When a proposal for a mobile home development includes the establishment of a drinking water supply or sewage treatment facility or both, plans therefor shall be submitted pursuant to Texas Civil Statutes Article 4477-1, §12(a), and in accordance with the Texas Department of Health Resources' "Rules and Regulations for Public Water Systems" and "Design Criteria for Sewerage Systems," respectively.

  (2) Information required. Planning material shall be submitted in such detail as to permit a comprehensive review to assure compliance with the department's "Rules and Regulations for Public Water Systems' and "Design Criteria for Sewerage Systems.' In addition, plans for the mobile home development should include the address or description of the location of the tract, dimensions of the tract of land, drainage information, the number, location, and size of all mobile home lots, location and width of roadways and parking facilities, location and size of recreation areas, location and floor plan of service building including plumbing, and construction details of the mobile home stands.

(c) Definitions. The following are defined for the purpose of these minimum standards:

  (1) Accessory structure-Any structural addition to the mobile home which includes awnings, cabanas, carports, Florida rooms, porches, ramadas, storage cabinets, and similar appurtenant structures.

  (2) Mobile home-A movable or portable dwelling constructed to be towed on its own chassis by a motor vehicle over Texas roads and highways under special permit, connected to utilities, and designed without a permanent foundation, for year-round living. It may consist of two or more units which are separately towable but designed to be joined into one integral unit. It does not mean a travel trailer, which is designed to provide temporary living quarters for recreational, camping, or travel use, and is of such a size as not to require a special highway movement permit.

  (3) "Mobile home development' contiguous parcel of land which has been planned and improved for the placement of mobile homes for nontransient occupancy.

  (4) Mobile home stand-That part of an individual lot which has been reserved for the placement of mobile homes for nontransient use.

  (5) Sewer connection-The connection consisting of all pipes, fittings, and appurtenances from the drain outlet of the mobile home to the inlet or the corresponding sewer riser pipe of the sewerage system serving the mobile home stand.

  (6) Sewer riser pipe-The pipe connected to the sewer lateral extending vertically from the lateral to the surface of the ground.

  (7) Shall-Indicates that which is required.

  (8) Should-Indicates that which is recommended but not required.

  (9) Water connection-The connection consisting of all pipes, fittings, and appurtenances from the water riser pipe to the water inlet pipe of the distribution system within the mobile home.

Source Note: The provisions of this §265.81 adopted to be effective January 1, 1976.

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