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RULE §19.1017Adjuster Prelicensing Education Course Content and Examination Requirements

(a) Certified adjuster prelicensing education courses shall provide students with instruction sufficient to take and pass the course's final examination for the adjuster's license designation as specified in this section. The course must meet the minimum 40-hour prelicensing education requirement to qualify for certification.

(b) All adjuster prelicensing examinations for compliance with the Insurance Code §4101.056(a)(4) may be written or computer-based and shall be designed to test applicants on the materials as specified in this section for the appropriate license designation and shall meet the criteria set forth in paragraphs (1) - (7) of this subsection:

  (1) All lines adjuster. The student shall complete a 150-question examination in less than 180 minutes over the subjects and in the question percentages as set forth in §19.1018(a) of this title (relating to Adjuster Prelicensing Examination Topics).

  (2) Property, casualty, and surety adjuster. The student shall complete a 150-question examination in less than 180 minutes over the subjects and in the question percentages as set forth in §19.1018(b) of this title.

  (3) Workers' compensation adjuster. The student shall complete a 60-question examination in less than 90 minutes over the subjects and in the question percentages as set forth in §19.1018(c) of this title.

  (4) At least 70% of the examination questions must be based on the application level or higher. The remainder of questions may be based at the knowledge level. Examination questions shall not be the same or substantially the same questions the student previously encountered in the course materials or review examinations and cannot be designed such that the correct answer is obvious by its content. The examination questions shall be multiple choice questions stemming from an inquiry with at least four appropriate potential responses and for which "all of the above" or "none of the above" is not an appropriate option.

  (5) The specific examination questions may not be made available to the student until the test is administered. Security measures shall be in place to maintain the integrity of the examination and ensure that the enrolled student is the individual who took the examination.

  (6) Providers must include and maintain the examination results in the student's record for four years. Providers and instructors shall not give any person answers to the examination questions at any time before, during, or after the course.

  (7) An authorized staff member or a computer program shall grade the examinations.

(c) Students shall be allowed to retake a certified prelicensing examination course at least one time if a score of 70% or higher is not achieved without being required to retake the course. The retest shall consist of an alternate examination consisting of different questions from the original examination.

(d) Final examinations shall consist of at least three complete exams which are distributed alternatively to students and are revised or updated consistent with the course update/revision. The provider may distribute only one examination to any student at any one examination.

(e) A disinterested third party shall monitor the final examination in a visual environment. During the examination, students may not use course materials, personal notes, or any other written or electronic material or media that is not part of the examination, nor engage in communication of any kind with any other person except to receive instructions from the examination monitor. Upon completion of the examination, the person monitoring the examination must mail or deliver the completed examination directly to the provider.

(f) Providers shall issue certificates of completion to students who successfully pass the examination by correctly answering at least 70% of the examination questions. The provider must issue the certificate in a manner which shall ensure that the student receiving the certificate is the student who took the course, issue the certificate within 30 days of passing the examination, and complete the certificate to reflect the dates the student took the course and examination. Providers shall not allow a student, or any person or organization other than the provider giving the course, to prepare, print, or complete a certificate of completion.

Source Note: The provisions of this §19.1017 adopted to be effective January 6, 2003, 28 TexReg 75; amended to be effective February 21, 2010, 35 TexReg 1271

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