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RULE §802.143Hearing Procedures

(a) The sanction determination hearing shall be conducted in person in Austin, Texas, unless the parties agree to a telephonic hearing or request a different location.

(b) The hearing shall be conducted informally and in such manner as to ascertain the substantial rights of the parties. All issues relevant to the appeal shall be considered and addressed, and may include:

  (1) Presentation of Evidence. The parties to an appeal may present evidence that is material and relevant, as determined by the hearing officer. In conducting a hearing, the hearing officer shall actively develop the record on the relevant circumstances and facts to resolve all issues. To be considered as evidence in a decision, any document or physical evidence must be entered as an exhibit at the hearing.

  (2) Examination of Parties and Witnesses. The hearing officer shall examine parties and any witnesses, and shall allow cross-examination to the extent the hearing officer deems necessary to afford the parties due process.

  (3) Additional Evidence. The hearing officer, with or without notice to any of the parties, may take additional evidence as deemed necessary, provided that a party shall be given an opportunity to rebut the evidence if it is to be used against the party's interest.

  (4) Appropriate Hearing Behavior. All parties shall conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. The hearing officer may expel any individual, including a party, who fails to correct behavior the hearing officer identifies as disruptive. After expulsion, the hearing officer may proceed with the hearing and render a decision.

(c) Records.

  (1) The hearing record shall include the audio recording of the proceeding and any other relevant evidence relied on by the hearing officer, including documents and other physical evidence entered as exhibits.

  (2) The hearing record shall be maintained in accordance with federal and state law.

  (3) Confidentiality of information contained in the hearing record shall be maintained in accordance with federal and state law.

Source Note: The provisions of this §802.143 adopted to be effective February 7, 2011, 36 TexReg 604

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