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RULE §83.109Health and Safety Standards--Wig and Hairpiece Services

(a) Cosmetologists and wig specialists shall wash their hands with soap and water, or use a liquid hand sanitizer, prior to performing any services on a client.

(b) All equipment, implements, tools and materials shall be properly cleaned and disinfected in accordance with this rule prior to servicing each client.

(c) After each client, the following implements shall be wiped with a clean paper or fabric towel and sprayed with either an EPA-registered bactericidal, fungicidal, and virucidal disinfectant, or a high-level chlorine bleach solution. Equipment, implements, tools and materials to be cleaned and disinfected include but are not limited to combs and picks, haircutting shears, thinning shears/texturizers, razors, edgers, guards, perm rods and bowls or containers used to clean or color wigs or hairpieces.

(d) At the end of each day of use, the above items, along with any other tools, such as sectioning clips, brushes, comb and picks shall be cleaned by manually scrubbing with soap and water or adequate methods, and then disinfected by one of the following methods:

  (1) Complete immersion in an EPA-registered bactericidal, fungicidal, and virucidal disinfectant in accordance with manufacturer's instructions; or

  (2) Complete immersion in a high-level chlorine bleach solution.

(e) After the initial sale of a hairpiece, and prior to that hairpiece being resold, it must be properly disinfected.

(f) Used wigs and hairpieces shall be kept in a closed bag or container until ready to be cleaned.

(g) Any wig block used to service a hairpiece should be covered with a plastic bag and kept in a sanitized condition after each use. Any wig block used to service hairpieces shall be sprayed with an EPA registered disinfectant solution after each use and kept in a sanitary condition.

(h) Finished wigs and hairpieces shall be placed away from soiled wigs and hairpieces until ready to be returned to the client.

Source Note: The provisions of this §83.109 adopted to be effective March 1, 2006, 31 TexReg 1280; amended to be effective July 1, 2014, 39 TexReg 4650

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