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RULE §3.26Complaint Data Collection, Analysis, and Reporting

(a) Data collection. The department will maintain a computer database for complaints. The database will contain for each complaint filed under §3.23 of this subchapter (relating to Filing a Complaint) customer information that is appropriate for the compilation and analysis of detailed complaint data. The information will include:

  (1) the date the complaint is filed;

  (2) the name of the person filing the complaint;

  (3) the subject matter of the complaint;

  (4) a record of each person contacted in relation to the complaint;

  (5) a summary of the results of the review or investigation of the complaint;

  (6) if the department takes no action on the complaint, an explanation of the reasons that no action was taken;

  (7) the length of time required to provide a response to the customer from the date that the complaint was received by the department; and

  (8) if applicable, the county and district where the person, thing, or condition that is the subject of the complaint is located.

(b) Data analysis.

  (1) The department will provide detailed statistics and analyze trends on a district and division basis.

  (2) The department will identify trends related to similar complaints, including the number of persons who filed each type of complaint.

(c) Data reporting. The department will report complaint information:

  (1) monthly to division and office directors, district engineers, and individuals filling senior leadership positions; and

  (2) quarterly to the Texas Transportation Commission.

Source Note: The provisions of this §3.26 adopted to be effective February 16, 2012, 37 TexReg 715; amended to be effective February 20, 2014, 39 TexReg 998

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