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RULE §91.52Inspections--Periodic

(a) Each facility of a licensed breeder shall be inspected at least once in every 18-month period.

(b) The inspection must be conducted during the facility's normal business hours, and the licensed breeder or a representative of the licensed breeder must be given a reasonable opportunity to be present during the inspection.

(c) If necessary to adequately perform the inspection, the department inspector may determine it is appropriate to not provide advance notice to the licensed breeder or a representative of the licensed breeder before arriving at the facility. The licensed breeder or its representative shall, on request of an inspector, assist the inspector in performing the inspection.

(d) An inspector may not enter or access any portion of a private residence of a licensed breeder except as necessary to access animals or other property relevant to the care of the animals.

(e) The inspector may request that relevant documents or records be provided for inspection.

(f) The inspector shall submit an inspection report to the department not later than the 10th day after the date of the inspection on a form prescribed by the department and provide a copy of the report to the licensed breeder or its representative.

(g) Based on the results of the periodic inspection, a licensed facility may be moved to an out-of-cycle inspection provided for in §91.53. The department will notify the owner of the facility, in writing, if the facility becomes subject to out-of-cycle inspection and the scheduled frequency of inspections.

(h) The licensee, manager, or representative must, upon request, make available to the inspector all records and other documents required by this chapter.

(i) On completion of the periodic inspection and while at the facility, the inspector shall leave with the licensee or representative of licensee a preliminary report on a form approved by the department listing the items not meeting the requirements of this chapter. The preliminary report required by this section is in addition to the completed report required by this chapter and does not affect the validity of the completed detailed report.

(j) The inspection report will identify violations that must be corrected by the licensee. The report will also indicate the corrective actions required to address the violations.

(k) The department may assess administrative penalties and/or administrative sanctions for violations disclosed during inspections under this chapter.

Source Note: The provisions of this §91.52 adopted to be effective May 1, 2012, 37 TexReg 3075

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