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RULE §9.2Contract Claim Procedure

(a) Applicability. A claim shall satisfy the requirements in paragraphs (1) - (3) of this subsection.

  (1) The claim is under a contract entered into and administered by the department, acting in its own capacity or as an agent of a local government, under one of the following statutes:

    (A) Transportation Code, §22.018 (concerning the designation of the department as agent in contracting and supervising for aviation projects);

    (B) Transportation Code, §391.091 (concerning erection and maintenance of specific information logo, major area shopping guide, and major agricultural interest signs);

    (C) Transportation Code, Chapter 223 (concerning bids and contracts for highway improvement projects), subject to the provisions of subsection (c) of this section; or

    (D) Government Code, Chapter 2254, Subchapters A and B (concerning professional or consulting services).

  (2) The claim is for compensation, or for a time extension, or any other remedy.

  (3) The claim is brought by a prime contractor.

(b) Pass-through claim; claim and counter claim.

  (1) A prime contractor may make a claim on behalf of a subcontractor only if the prime contractor is liable to the subcontractor on the claim.

  (2) Only a prime contractor may submit a claim to begin a claim proceeding under this section. After a claim proceeding has begun the department may make a counter claim.

  (3) This section does not abrogate the department's authority to file a claim in a court of competent jurisdiction. The procedure for the department to file a claim in a court of competent jurisdiction, including the deadline to file a claim, is set by other law.

(c) Claim concerning comprehensive development agreement or certain design-build contracts. A claim under a comprehensive development agreement (CDA) entered into under Transportation Code, Chapter 223, Subchapter E, or under a design-build contract, as defined in §9.6 of this subchapter (relating to Contract Claim Procedure for Comprehensive Development Agreements and Certain Design-Build Contracts), may be processed under this section if the parties agree to do so in the CDA or design-build contract, or if the CDA or design-build contract does not specify otherwise. However, if the CDA or design-build contract specifies that a claim procedure authorized by §9.6 of this subchapter applies, then any claim arising under the CDA or design-build contract shall be processed and resolved in accordance with the claim procedure authorized by §9.6 of this subchapter and not by this section.

(d) Definitions. The following words and terms, when used in this section, shall have the following meanings, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, except that when used in subsection (c) of this section, the terms claim, comprehensive development agreement, CDA, and design-build contract shall have the meanings given such terms stated in §9.6 of this subchapter.

  (1) Claim--A claim for compensation, for a time extension, or for any other remedy arising from a dispute, disagreement, or controversy concerning respective rights and obligations under the contract.

  (2) Commission--The Texas Transportation Commission.

  (3) Committee--The Contract Claim Committee.

  (4) Department--The Texas Department of Transportation.

  (5) Department office--The department district, division, or office responsible for the administration of the contract.

  (6) Department office director--The chief administrative officer of the responsible department office; the officer shall be a district engineer, division director, or office director.

  (7) District--One of the 25 districts of the department.

  (8) Executive director--The executive director of the Texas Department of Transportation.

  (9) Prime contractor--An individual, partnership, corporation, or other business entity that is a party to a written contract with the state of Texas which is entered into and administered by the department under Transportation Code, §22.018, §391.091, Chapter 223, or Government Code, Chapter 2254, Subchapters A and B.

  (10) Project--The portion of a contract that can be separated into a distinct facility or work unit from the other work in the contract.

(e) Contract claim committee. The executive director or the director’s designee shall name the members and chairman of a committee or committees to serve at the executive director's or designee’s pleasure. The chairman may add members to the committee, including one or more district engineers who will be assigned to the committee on a rotating basis, with a preference, if possible, for district engineers of districts that do not have a current contractual relationship with the prime contractor involved in a contract claim.

(f) Negotiated resolution. To every extent possible, disputes between a prime contractor and the department's project engineer should be resolved during the course of the contract.

(g) Procedure.

  (1) Exclusive procedure. Except as provided in subsection (c) of this section, a prime contractor shall file a claim under the procedure in this subsection. A claim filed by the prime contractor must be considered first by the committee before the claim is considered in a contested case hearing.

  (2) Filing claim.

    (A) The prime contractor shall file a claim after completion of the contract or when required for orderly performance of the contract. For a claim resulting from the enforcement of a warranty, a prime contractor shall file the claim no later than one year after expiration of the warranty period. For all other types of claims, a prime contractor shall file the claim no later than one year after the earlier of the date that the department sends to the contractor notice:

      (i) that the contractor is in default;

      (ii) that the department terminates the contract; or

      (iii) notice of final acceptance of the project that is the subject of the contract.

    (B) To file a claim, a prime contractor shall file a contract claim request and a detailed report that provides the basis for the claim. The detailed report shall include relevant facts of the claim, cost or other data supporting the claim, a description of any additional compensation requested, and documents supporting the claim. The prime contractor shall file the claim with the department's construction division, the department engineer under whose administration the contract was or is being performed, or the committee.

    (C) A claim filed by a prime contractor shall include a certification as follows: I certify that the claim is made in good faith; that the supporting data are accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief; that the amount requested accurately reflects the contract adjustment for which the contractor believes the department is liable; and that I am duly authorized to certify the claim on behalf of the contractor.

    (D) A defective certification shall not deprive the department of jurisdiction over the claim. Prior to the entry by the department of a final decision on the claim the department shall require a defective certification to be corrected.

    (E) The construction division or department engineer shall forward the contract claim request and detailed report to the committee.

    (F) The deadline for the department to file a counter claim is 45 days before the committee holds an informal meeting under paragraph (3) of this subsection.

  (3) Evaluation of claim by the committee.

    (A) The committee's responsibility is to gather information, study the relevant issues, and meet informally with the prime contractor if requested. The committee shall attempt to resolve the claim.

    (B) The committee shall secure detailed reports and recommendations from the responsible department office, and may confer with any other department office deemed appropriate by the committee. The committee shall give the prime contractor the opportunity to submit a responsive report and recommendation concerning a counter claim filed by the department.

    (C) The committee shall afford the prime contractor an opportunity for a meeting to informally discuss the disputed matters and to provide the prime contractor an opportunity to present relevant information and respond to information the committee has received from the department office. Proceedings before the committee are an attempt to mutually resolve a claim without litigation and are not admissible for any purpose in a formal administrative hearing provided in subparagraph (D)(ii) of this paragraph. All oral communications, reports, or other written documentation prepared by department staff in connection with the analysis of a claim are part of the attempt to mutually resolve a claim without litigation, and are also not admissible for any purpose in a formal administrative Cont'd...

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