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RULE §21.31Definitions

The following words and terms shall have the given meanings when used in this subchapter unless the context clearly requires otherwise:

  (1) "Commission" means the Texas Historical Commission.

  (2) "Department" means the Texas Department of Transportation.

  (3) "Historic Highway" means the following officially designated highways within the State of Texas as shown on the Rand McNally Official 1923 Auto Trails Map, Districts 12 and 18, or any other highway so designated by the Texas State Legislature:

    (A) Bankhead Highway (Texarkana-Dallas-Fort Worth & El Paso)

    (B) Meridian Highway, Mineral Wells Branch Meridian Highway

    (C) Southern National Trail (Old Spanish Trail)

    (D) Del Rio-Canadian Highway

    (E) North Texas Highway

    (F) King of Trails

    (G) Central Texas Highway

    (H) East Texas Highway

    (I) Puget Sound to Gulf Highway

    (J) Fort Worth-Brady-Fort Stockton Highway

    (K) Jefferson Highway

    (L) Jefferson Davis Memorial Highway

    (M) Ozark Trail

    (N) Henry Exall Memorial Highway, Eastern Loop Henry Exall Highway, "X"All Highway

    (O) Texas-Louisiana Highway

    (P) Pecos Valley Highway

    (Q) Albany-Bronco Highway

    (R) Paris-Houston Highway, Red River to Gulf Highway

    (S) Austin to Houston Highway

    (T) Gonzales to San Augustine Highway

    (U) Wichita Falls and Comanche Highway

    (V) Southwest Trail of Texas

    (W) Denton-Whitesboro Highway

    (X) Tyler-Henderson-Nacogdoches Highway

    (Y) Fort Worth-Farwell-Frisco Highway

    (Z) Middlebuster Highway

    (AA) Wichita Valley Highway

    (BB) Waco-Corsicana Highway

    (CC) Ben Milam Highway

    (DD) Jim Hogg Highway

    (EE) Throckmorton Highway

    (FF) Hobby Highway

    (GG) Charles Schreiner Highway

    (HH) Culberson Highway

    (II) SAP Route

    (JJ) East and West Texas Highway

    (KK) Mississippi River Scenic Highway

    (LL) Postal Highway

    (MM) Star Highway

    (NN) Denison-Whitesboro-Fort Worth-Gulf

    (OO) Abo Pass Highway

    (PP) Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas Route

    (QQ) San Antonio-Del Rio

    (RR) Lone Star Trail (Beaumont to Brownsville)

    (SS) Kansas-Oklahoma, Texas and Gulf Highway

    (TT) Gulf to Panhandle Highway

    (UU) Dallas-Canadian-Denver Highway

    (VV) Lee Highway

    (WW) Lone Star Trail (Timpson to El Paso)

    (XX) Colorado to Gulf Highway

    (YY) Dixie Overland Highway

    (ZZ) Coast to Coast Route

    (AAA) Southwest Trails

    (BBB) Air Line

    (CCC) Mineral Wells Trail

    (DDD) Atlantic-Pacific Highway

  (4) "Historic Roads and Highways Program" means the program operated by the Commission in cooperation with the Department to identify, designate, interpret and market Texas historic roads and highways.

Source Note: The provisions of this §21.31 adopted to be effective August 31, 2015, 40 TexReg 5457

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