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RULE §74.79Responsibilities of the Contractor--Documents

(a) All registered contractors who install equipment regulated by the Act must provide the following documents for all equipment provided as part of the contract to install or alter equipment, to the owner of the equipment when installing new equipment or altering existing equipment.

  (1) a written maintenance control program specifically designed for the equipment;

  (2) a parts listing with part numbers and exploded view drawings identifying the parts;

  (3) straight line "as installed" wiring diagrams;

  (4) any diagnostic interface codes or passwords necessary to perform any code required tests, including but not limited to all access codes, passwords, diagnostic codes, and fault codes;

  (5) general equipment maintenance, repair, testing, and adjustment procedures, including but not limited to lubrication instructions and recommended grade of lubricants;

  (6) all unique and product specific maintenance, repair, testing, and adjustment procedures;

  (7) all unique and product specific inspection procedures; and

  (8) written procedures as described in the currently adopted standards for complying with the requirements for the special provisions contained therein for the specific equipment.

(b) The documents listed in subsection (a) shall be in written hard copy format; however, additional electronic copies may also be provided.

(c) No new installation or alteration shall be permitted to be placed into operation until the inspector has verified that these documents are on site and stored in the equipment room, machine room, machine space, control room, or control space.

(d) The owner shall not be required to sign any confidentiality or nondisclosure agreements in order to receive these documents, but may be required to sign an acknowledgement of receipt.

(e) For any document required by this chapter that the registered contractor claims is confidential or protected as a trade secret, the document must be provided to the department for a determination of nondisclosure under Government Code Chapter 552.

Source Note: The provisions of this §74.79 adopted to be effective November 15, 2013, 38 TexReg 7949

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