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RULE §83.115Health and Safety Standards--Eyelash Extension Application Services

(a) A licensee offering the eyelash extension application service shall wash his or her hands with soap and water prior to performing any services on a client.

(b) Equipment, implements, and materials shall be properly cleaned and disinfected prior to providing services.

(c) Chairs and beds, including headrests, shall be cleaned and disinfected after providing services to each client. The chair and beds shall be made of or covered in a non-porous material that can be disinfected.

(d) After each client, the following implements shall be cleaned and disinfected: tweezers, nasal aspirator or electric eyelash dryer and other items used for a similar purpose.

(e) The following implements are single-use items and shall be discarded in a trash receptacle after use: disposable gloves, tissues, disposable wipes, fabric strips, surgical tape, eye pads, extensions, cotton swabs, face mask, brushes, extension pads and other items used for a similar purpose.

(f) The following items that are used during services shall be replaced with clean items for each client: disposable and terry cloth towels, hair caps, headbands, brushes, gowns, spatulas that contact skin or products from multi-use containers.

(g) A licensee shall use only properly labeled semi-permanent glue and semi-permanent glue remover that must be used according to the manufacturer's instructions.

(h) Extensions must be stored in a sealed bag or covered container and shall be kept in a clean dry, debris-free storage area.

Source Note: The provisions of this §83.115 adopted to be effective February 17, 2012, 37 TexReg 681

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