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RULE §89.3Aging and Disability Resource Center Advisory Committee

(a) United States Code, Title 42, §3012(b)(8) and (c)(1) directs the Administration on Aging to implement aging and disability resource centers (ADRCs) in states and encourage volunteer groups to participate and be involved in supportive service and civic engagement programs to the maximum extent feasible. The Aging and Disability Resource Center Advisory Committee (ADRCAC) assists DADS in developing and implementing an ADRC program. The ADRCAC advises DADS on ADRC program and policy development, including designing and operating ADRCs, obtaining stakeholder input, and achieving the goals and vision of the ADRC program.

(b) The tasks of the ADRCAC include:

  (1) supporting DADS to develop and implement the mission, vision and values statements to support the ADRC and the "no wrong door" system of access to long-term services and supports;

  (2) assisting DADS to identify ADRC target populations and establish meaningful goals and objectives for those populations;

  (3) assisting DADS to develop and implement a service delivery model supported by appropriate administrative and management information systems and information technology resources;

  (4) assisting DADS to position ADRCs to take advantage of current and future initiatives; and

  (5) supporting the Texas health and human services system to use ADRCs as a point of access to long-term services and supports.

(c) The ADRCAC is composed of no more than 15 members. A quorum of 5 members is required to convene and transact committee business. Members represent populations served by the ADRC program, including individuals who have a disability or a chronic condition requiring long-term services and supports, organizations that provide services to individuals served by the ADRC program, and governmental and non-governmental agencies affected by the program.

(d) The ADRCAC meets quarterly and submits a written report of its activities to the commissioner or designee every odd numbered year.

(e) The ADRCAC is abolished on March 1, 2026.

Source Note: The provisions of this §89.3 adopted to be effective March 20, 2016, 41 TexReg 1971

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