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RULE §221.1Proficiency Certificate Requirements

(a) The commission shall issue proficiency certificates in accordance with the Texas Occupations Code §1701.402. Commission certificates issued pursuant to §1701.402 are neither required nor a prerequisite for establishing proficiency or training. The commission shall give credit toward proficiency certification for successful completion of hours or degrees at accredited colleges and universities or for military service.

(b) To qualify for proficiency certificates, applicants must meet all the following proficiency requirements:

  (1) submit any required application currently prescribed by the commission, requested documentation, and any required fee;

  (2) have an active license or appointment for the corresponding certificate (not a requirement for Mental Health Officer Proficiency, Retired Peace Officer and Federal Law Enforcement Officer Firearms Proficiency, Firearms Instructor Proficiency, Firearms Proficiency for Community Supervision Officers, Firearms Proficiency for Juvenile Probation Officers or Instructor Proficiency);

  (3) must not have license(s) under suspension by the commission within the previous 5 years;

  (4) meet the continuing education requirements for the previous training cycle;

  (5) for firearms related certificates, not be prohibited by state or federal law or rule from attending training related to firearms or from possessing a firearm; and

  (6) academic degree(s) must be issued by an accredited college or university.

(c) The commission may refuse an application if:

  (1) an applicant has not been reported to the commission as meeting all minimum standards, including any training or testing requirements;

  (2) an applicant has not affixed any required signature;

  (3) required forms are incomplete;

  (4) required documentation is incomplete, illegible, or is not attached; or

  (5) an application contains a false assertion by any person.

(d) The commission shall cancel and recall any certificate if the applicant was not qualified for its issue and it was issued:

  (1) by mistake of the commission or an agency; or

  (2) based on false or incorrect information provided by the agency or applicant.

(e) If an application is found to be false, any license or certificate issued to the appointee by the commission will be subject to cancellation and recall.

(f) The issuance date of a proficiency certificate may be changed upon submission of an application along with documentation supporting the proposed date of eligibility and payment of any required fee.

(g) The effective date of this section is February 1, 2020.

Source Note: The provisions of this §221.1 adopted to be effective July 14, 2011, 36 TexReg 3934; amended to be effective February 5, 2020, 45 TexReg 772

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