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RULE §327.1Applicability

(a) This chapter applies to discharges or spills that result in a release to the environment within the territorial limits of the State of Texas, including the coastal waters of this state.

(b) This chapter does not apply to:

  (1) discharges or spills of oil that enter or threaten to enter coastal waters of the State. Except for spills of oil of 240 barrels or less for which the Railroad Commission of Texas is the on-scene coordinator, such discharges or spills are regulated by the Texas General Land Office under the Oil Spill Prevention and Response Act of 1991, the Texas Natural Resources Code, Chapter 40, Subchapters C, D, E, F, and G;

  (2) spills or discharges from activities subject to the jurisdiction of the Railroad Commission of Texas under the Texas Water Code, §26.131;

  (3) releases only to air;

  (4) the lawful placement of waste or accidental discharge of material into a solid waste management unit registered or permitted under Chapter 335, Subchapter A of this title (relating to Industrial Solid Waste and Municipal Hazardous Waste in General);

  (5) units and activities regulated under the authority of the Texas Water Code, Chapter 26, Subchapter I (Underground and Aboveground Storage Tanks);

  (6) the lawful application of materials, including but not limited to fertilizers and pesticides, to land or water;

  (7) discharges that are authorized by a permit, order, or rule issued under federal law or any other law of the State of Texas; provided, however, that unauthorized discharges shall be reported under this chapter unless the permit, order, or another commission rule provides an applicable reporting requirement;

  (8) discharges or spills that are continuous and stable in nature, and are reported to the United States Environmental Protection Agency under 40 Code of Federal Regulations §302.8;

  (9) discharges or spills occurring during the normal course of rail transportation; or

  (10) accidental discharges or spills of treated or untreated wastewater that are reported in accordance with §305.132 of this title (relating to Special Conditions for Certain Wastewater Discharges).

Source Note: The provisions of this §327.1 adopted to be effective May 23, 1996, 21 TexReg 4228; amended to be effective December 26, 1996, 21 TexReg 12175; amended to be effective June 2, 2016, 41 TexReg 3914

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