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RULE §330.173Disposal of Industrial Wastes

(a) Except as specified in subsection (c) of this section, Class 1 industrial solid waste shall not be disposed in a Type IAE landfill unit.

(b) Generators shall manifest Class 1 industrial solid waste as required by §335.10 of this title (relating to Shipping and Reporting Procedures Applicable to Generators of Hazardous Waste or Class 1 Waste and Primary Exporters of Hazardous Waste). Owners or operators of municipal solid waste landfill facilities shall not accept such wastes without prior written approval from the executive director and specific authorization in the permit.

(c) Wastes that are Class 1 only because of asbestos content may be accepted at any Type I or Type IAE landfill that is authorized to accept regulated asbestos-containing material (RACM) as stated in §330.171(c)(3)(I) of this title (relating to Disposal of Special Wastes). Authorization to accept this waste is implied in the authorization to accept RACM unless the acceptance of industrial wastes is prohibited by the permit. All Class 1 industrial asbestos wastes must be manifested and the owner or operator of the landfill facility shall comply with the requirements of subsections (g) and (h) of this section.

(d) Unless the facility permit authorizes the acceptance of a specified type of Class 1 industrial waste, an authorization to accept specific types of Class 1 wastes will be waste-specific and site-specific and will be granted only to appropriate facilities that are operating in compliance with this chapter. Requests for authorization to accept Class 1 solid wastes must be submitted in writing to the executive director and must include, but are not limited to, the following:

  (1) a complete description of the chemical and physical characteristics of the waste in accordance with §335.587 of this title (relating to Waste Analysis), a statement as to whether or not the waste is a hazardous waste as defined in §330.3 of this title (relating to Definitions), and the quantity and rate at which the waste is produced and/or the expected frequency of disposal;

  (2) an operational plan containing the proposed procedures for handling the waste and a listing of required protective equipment for operating personnel and on-site emergency equipment. This plan must become a part of the site operating plan; and

  (3) a written contingency plan meeting the requirements of §335.589 of this title (relating to Contingency Plan). This plan shall become a part of the site operating plan.

(e) Unless specifically authorized by the facility permit, a Type I or Type IAE landfill facility permitted after October 9, 1993, may not accept Class 1 industrial solid wastes in excess of 20% of the total amount of waste (not including Class 1 wastes) accepted during the current or previous year. The amount of waste may be determined by volume or by weight, but the same unit of measure must be used for each year, unless a variance is authorized by the executive director.

(f) Any authorization to accept Class 1 waste is subject to the site operating in compliance with these rules and any specific conditions required under any letter(s) of authorization. Failure to operate the site in compliance with these rules or any special conditions imposed by the executive director may result in revocation of the authorization to accept a Class 1 waste.

(g) All shipments of Class 1 waste must be accompanied by a manifest (waste-shipping control ticket) as required by the commission. The facility operator or a designated representative shall sign the manifest for any authorized shipments of Class 1 waste. The facility operator shall not accept or sign for shipments of Class 1 waste for which the authorization to accept has not been granted by the executive director or has not been authorized by permit provisions. The facility operator shall retain the disposal facility copy of the manifest for a period of three years. This time period is automatically extended if any enforcement action involving the owner, operator, or landfill facility is initiated or pending by the executive director.

(h) A facility that accepts any Class 1 waste must submit to the executive director a written report of Class 1 waste received. This report must be submitted no later than the 25th day of the month following the month that the waste was received. Reports must be submitted on forms provided by the commission and must include all information required. Monthly reports must be submitted by facilities that have received Class 1 wastes including those months in which no Class 1 waste is received at the facility unless an exception is granted by the executive director. Failure to submit the reports required by this subsection in a timely manner is a violation of these rules.

(i) Class 2 industrial solid waste, except special wastes as defined in §330.3 of this title, may be accepted at any Type I or Type IAE landfill provided the acceptance of this waste does not interfere with facility operation. Type IV and Type IVAE landfills may accept Class 2 industrial solid waste consistent with the limitations established in §330.5(a)(2) of this title (relating to Classification of Municipal Solid Waste Facilities) and the waste acceptance plan required by §330.61(b) of this title (relating to Contents of Part II of the Application).

(j) Class 3 industrial solid waste may be disposed of at a Type I, Type IAE, Type IV, or Type IVAE landfill provided the acceptance of this waste does not interfere with facility operation.

Source Note: The provisions of this §330.173 adopted to be effective March 27, 2006, 31 TexReg 2502

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