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RULE §155.259Discovery Motions

(a) Certificate of conference. The parties and their authorized representatives shall cooperate in discovery and shall endeavor to make any agreements reasonably necessary for the efficient disposition of the case. All discovery motions shall include a certificate of conference complying with §155.305(b)(2) of this chapter.

(b) Motions for protection. A person from whom discovery is sought may file a motion within the time permitted for a response to request an order protecting that person from the discovery sought. A motion for protection shall include the relevant portion of the discovery request at issue. A person must comply with a discovery request to the extent protection is not sought unless it is unreasonable under the circumstances to do so before obtaining a ruling on the motion.

(c) Motions to compel. A person alleging failure to comply with discovery shall file a motion to compel as soon as practicable. A motion to compel shall include the relevant portion of the discovery response at issue. A motion to compel shall not be filed less than 10 days before the first day of the hearing on the merits, unless good cause is shown. A judge may deny or limit relief sought in a motion to compel if the judge determines that the discovery requests at issue are improper or unduly burdensome.

(d) In camera inspections. If a party's assertion of a privilege or an exemption under the TRCP is made the subject of a motion for protection or a motion to compel, the party resisting discovery must request an in camera inspection (inspection by the judge) and provide the documents for review under seal. The request shall state the factual and legal basis that support the claimed privilege or exemption and shall comply with the provisions of §155.103 of this chapter.

(e) Responses to discovery motion. Responses to discovery motions shall be filed in accordance with §155.305(c).

(f) Discovery materials. Motions and responses in a discovery dispute shall include only the relevant portions of the discovery materials at issue.

(g) Confidentiality. Confidential information contained in or attached to a discovery motion or response must be filed in compliance with §155.103 of this chapter.

Source Note: The provisions of this §155.259 adopted to be effective January 1, 2017, 41 TexReg 8593

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