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RULE §6.93Policies and Procedures

State agency heads or designees shall approve and institute written policies and procedures that communicate an enterprise-wide approach for electronic state records management practices, and that create accountability and auditability for the execution of these policies and procedures. Refer to Guidelines (§6.96) for recommended electronic records management best practices and standards to satisfy requirements specified under this subchapter.

  (1) An agency's policies and procedures required by this section shall include these elements:

    (A) Establish a component of the agency's active and continuing records management program to address the management of electronic state records that includes the management of electronic state records created, received, retained, used, transmitted, or disposed of electronically, including those electronic state records in the possession of the state agency, vendors, or other third parties (i.e., telecommunication, social media, etc.);

    (B) Integrate the management of electronic state records with other records and information resources management programs of the state agency;

    (C) Incorporate electronic state records management objectives, responsibilities, and authorities in pertinent state agency directives;

    (D) Address electronic state records management requirements, including retention requirements and final disposition;

    (E) Address the use of new technologies adequate to fulfill the agency's duty to identify, manage, retain, and make final disposition of electronic state records;

    (F) Ensure transparency by documenting in an open and verifiable manner the processes and activities carried out in the management of electronic state records; and

    (G) Require that records management concepts and requirements be included in agency training on information systems and resources. Also, an agency's information resources personnel shall receive training on records management issues as they relate to electronic information systems, electronic mail systems, the operation, care, and handling of information, and the hardware, software, and media used to ensure that:

      (i) Information resources personnel understand the records management implications of selecting, purchasing, developing, installing, deploying, modifying, and retiring technology hardware, software, etc.; and

      (ii) Decision makers and end users understand their responsibilities to create, protect, and manage electronic state records anywhere.

  (2) An agency's policies and procedures shall adhere to 1 TAC 202 requirements regarding security programs; and

  (3) An agency's policies and procedures shall follow privacy requirements for information that must be protected from unauthorized use or disclosure as required by applicable state or federal law (e.g. constitutional, statutory, judicial, and legal agreement requirements).

Source Note: The provisions of this §6.93 adopted to be effective August 31, 2017, 42 TexReg 4285

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