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RULE §78.50Mold Assessment Technician License

(a) Licensing requirement. An individual must be licensed as a mold assessment technician to perform activities listed under subsection (b), except that an individual licensed under §78.52 is not required to be separately licensed under this section.

(b) Scope. An individual licensed under this section is authorized to determine the location and extent of mold or suspected mold present in a facility. A mold assessment technician is licensed to:

  (1) record visual observations and take on-site measurements, including temperature, humidity, and moisture levels, during an initial or post-remediation mold assessment;

  (2) collect samples for mold analysis during an initial mold assessment;

  (3) prepare a mold assessment report; and

  (4) as directed by an on-site assessment consultant, collect samples during a post-remediation mold assessment.

(c) Qualifications. An applicant for a mold assessment technician license must be a high school graduate or have obtained a General Educational Development (GED) certificate.

(d) Eligibility for licensing. To obtain a mold assessment technician license, a person must:

  (1) be at least 18 years old at the time of application;

  (2) successfully pass a criminal history background check;

  (3) comply with subsection (c);

  (4) comply with the requirement for insurance coverage under §78.40;

  (5) successfully complete a mold training course as described in §78.68(b) or (c);

  (6) pass the required licensing examination prescribed under §78.24; and

  (7) pay the fee required under §78.80.

(e) Applications. Unless otherwise indicated, an applicant must submit all required information and documentation on department-approved forms or in a manner specified by the department. In addition to fulfilling the requirements in §78.21, an applicant must submit the following required documentation:

  (1) proof of compliance with the insurance requirement for licensees specified in §78.40;

  (2) a copy of the applicant's high school diploma or GED certificate; and

  (3) a copy of a course completion certificate for the applicable training course offered by a department-accredited training provider, as described in §78.68(b) or (c). An applicant for a mold assessment technician license may fulfill the training requirement for the license by successfully completing an approved mold assessment technician or mold assessment consultant training course offered by an accredited mold training provider.

(f) Responsibilities. In addition to the requirements of §78.70 and all other applicable responsibilities in this chapter, a licensed mold assessment technician shall:

  (1) perform only activities allowed under subsection (b);

  (2) comply with mold sampling protocols accepted as industry standards, as presented in training course materials or as required by his/her employer;

  (3) utilize the services of a laboratory that is licensed by the department to provide analysis of mold samples; and

  (4) provide to the client a mold assessment report following an initial (pre-remediation) mold assessment, if the technician is not acting as an employee of a licensed mold assessment consultant or company.

Source Note: The provisions of this §78.50 adopted to be effective November 1, 2017, 42 TexReg 4619

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