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RULE §749.2470What must I do to verify a foster family home?

(a) You must take the following steps to verify a foster family home:

  (1) Complete and document the requirements for §749.2447 of this subchapter (relating to What information must I obtain for the foster home screening?);

  (2) Complete and document the required interviews as specified in §749.2449 of this subchapter (relating to Whom must I interview when conducting a foster home screening?);

  (3) Obtain the following:

    (A) A floor plan of the home that shows the dimensions and purposes of all rooms in the home and identifies the indoor areas for children's use; and

    (B) A sketch or photo of the outside areas that shows the buildings, driveways, fences, storage areas, gardens, recreation areas, and pools, ponds, or other bodies of water;

  (4) Inspect the home to ensure and document that the home meets the appropriate rules of this chapter, including:

    (A) Subchapter K of this chapter (relating to Foster Care Services: Daily Care, Problem Management); and

    (B) Subchapter O of this chapter (relating to Foster Homes: Health and Safety Requirements, Environment, Space and Equipment), including a:

      (i) Health inspection; and

      (ii) Fire inspection;

  (5) If the home will provide a transitional living program, ensure the home complies with the policies developed according to §749.125 of this chapter (relating to What policies must I develop for foster parents who offer a transitional living program?);

  (6) Evaluate all areas required in this subchapter and make recommendations about the home's ability to care for and work with children with respect to a child's gender and age, the number of children, and the types of services to be provided;

  (7) If there are any indicators of potential risk to children based on the assessment and evaluation of an area required in this subchapter, document the indicators and how you addressed them with the prospective foster family before approval and verification of the home;

  (8) Obtain from the child placement management staff the review and approval of the home screening, and the recommended verification of the home; and

  (9) Issue a verification certificate that specifies the:

    (A) Name of the foster family home;

    (B) Foster family home address and location;

    (C) Foster family home's total capacity, which includes the biological and adopted children of the caregivers who live in the foster family home, any children receiving foster care or respite child-care, and any children for whom the family provides day care;

    (D) Foster family home's foster care capacity, a subset of the total capacity, which includes only children placed for foster care or respite child-care;

    (E) Gender and ages of children for which the home is verified to provide foster care or respite child-care;

    (F) Types of services the foster family home will provide;

    (G) Agency's main office or branch office, which issued the verification; and

    (H) Expiration date of a time-limited verification, if applicable.

(b) You can verify a foster home before the foster parents complete the pre-service training. However, foster parents must comply with the training requirements described in §749.863 of this subchapter (relating to What are the pre-service training requirements for a caregiver?) before you may place a child in the home.

Source Note: The provisions of this §749.2470 adopted to be effective October 19, 2018, 43 TexReg 6658; amended to be effective June 27, 2021, 46 TexReg 3525

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