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RULE §114.26Student Registration

(a) Student registration provides authorization for a person to perform prosthetic or orthotic duties under supervision while fulfilling the postgraduate requirements for licensure by examination or when working in accordance with §114.30(j)(3).

(b) Eligibility. The department shall issue or renew a student registration certificate if the applicant:

  (1) has applied for student registration on department-approved forms;

  (2) has paid the student registration fee; and

  (3) either:

    (A) has completed the academic requirements for a practitioner license; or

    (B) is a student who is currently enrolled in a graduate program in this state in orthotics and prosthetics that is recognized and accredited by CAAHEP and submits to the department a written certification from the graduate program in which the student is enrolled that the student has successfully completed the academic prerequisites to enter a professional clinical residency; and

  (4) is actively engaged in either:

    (A) completing a professional clinical residency;

    (B) applying for or awaiting the results of the examination, and has completed the professional clinical residency; or

    (C) working under supervision in accordance with §114.30(j)(3).

(c) An applicant may be issued an initial student registration in each area: prosthetics, orthotics, or both, depending on the type of clinical residency.

(d) The applicant shall apply for a student registration before beginning the professional clinical residency.

(e) A person becomes eligible to take the state examination when the department issues the student registration.

(f) A student registration may be upgraded to a practitioner license after the applicant:

  (1) meets the requirements of §114.24;

  (2) passes the appropriate examination; and

  (3) submits a complete license upgrade form and fee.

Source Note: The provisions of this §114.26 adopted to be effective October 1, 2016, 41 TexReg 4467; amended to be effective September 1, 2018, 43 TexReg 5362

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