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RULE §73.3Requirements for Sponsors of Continuing Education Courses

(a) The Board may only approve continuing education courses sponsored by a chiropractic college accredited by the Council on Chiropractic Education or a statewide, national, or international professional association.

(b) A continuing education course sponsor shall submit a separate application for each course at least 60 days in advance.

(c) For each course application, a sponsor shall submit:

  (1) course title, subject, and description;

  (2) number of requested credit hours;

  (3) course date, time, and location;

  (4) method of instruction;

  (5) course coordinator's name, address, and telephone number;

  (6) signature of the sponsor's representative;

  (7) a detailed hour-by-hour syllabus describing the material taught in each hour block;

  (8) names of all instructors for each block of instruction;

  (9) all instructors' curriculum vitae;

  (10) proposed advertising showing the course title and content; and

  (11) application fee.

(d) A sponsor shall certify the course complies with all Board requirements.

(e) The Board shall notify a sponsor in writing whether a course has been approved.

(f) A sponsor shall hold a Board-approved live course only on the date submitted on the application.

(g) A sponsor may offer a Board-approved recorded online course for up to one calendar year after approval.

(h) If a continuing education program consists of separate sessions on different topics and on different dates, each session is a separate course.

(i) If the same course is held in multiple cities with different speakers, each location is a separate course.

(j) To be approved, each course must:

  (1) be presented by instructors with knowledge, training, and expertise in the topic;

  (2) have content designed to maintain professional competency;

  (3) relate to the scope of practice under Texas Occupations Code §201.002 and Board rules; and

  (4) be on one or more of the following:

    (A) general or spinal anatomy;

    (B) neuro-muscular-skeletal diagnosis;

    (C) radiology or radiographic interpretation;

    (D) pathology;

    (E) public health;

    (F) chiropractic adjusting techniques;

    (G) chiropractic philosophy;

    (H) risk management;

    (I) physiology;

    (J) microbiology;

    (K) hygiene and sanitation;

    (L) biochemistry;

    (M) neurology;

    (N) orthopedics;

    (O) jurisprudence;

    (P) nutrition;

    (Q) adjunctive or supportive therapy;

    (R) sexual boundary issues;

    (S) insurance reporting procedures;

    (T) chiropractic research;

    (U) communicable disease;

    (V) acupuncture;

    (W) ethics;

    (X) recordkeeping, documentation, and coding; or

    (Y) other Board-identified public health issues.

(k) The Board may not approve or accept credit for any course on practice management.

(l) A sponsor of an approved course shall notify the Board in writing before any change in course location, date, or cancellation.

(m) A sponsor shall submit a roster of course participants that contains each participant's name and Board license number, course number, and number of hours earned by each participant not later than 30 days after the course.

(n) A sponsor shall provide each participant an attendance certificate with the sponsor's name, the participant's name, the course number, title, date, and location, the amount and type of credit earned, and signature of the sponsor's representative.

(o) A sponsor may not give a course participant full credit for attendance if the participant is absent more than 10 minutes during any one hour period.

Source Note: The provisions of this §73.3 adopted to be effective June 30, 2020, 45 TexReg 4027

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