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RULE §30.6Reporting, records, and planning

(a) Regional organizations shall operate under a comprehensive and detailed Scope of Work and Budget, which will be incorporated by reference into the contract. The Scope of Work and Budget provide a blueprint for activities, reinforces accountability, and measures the success of the regional organization. The focus of the work, conducted in accordance with the Scope of Work, shall be the development, promotion, and other support for heritage tourism and historic sites.

(b) Regional organizations shall submit the Scope of Work and Budget for Commission review and approval prior to the beginning of the fiscal year covered by the Scope of Work and Budget. Documents submitted for review and approval shall be submitted according to a schedule and format approved by the Commission.

(c) Regional organizations shall submit periodic reports on its activities as outlined in the Heritage Trail Region's Scope of Work. Reports shall be due according to a schedule and format approved by the Commission.

(d) Each regional organization shall submit an annual report on its activities to THC, that includes narratives relating to the impact of the work to the mission of the regional organization. Each annual report shall cover the activities of the prior state fiscal year and is due to the Commission no later than November 30th of each year unless otherwise specified by the THC prior to September 30th of each year.

(e) Upon termination of a regional organization's participation in the THTP, the regional organization shall submit a report equivalent to the annual report covering the unreported period, if any, prior to termination.

(f) Either within the annual report or as a separate document submitted on the same schedule as the annual report, regional organizations shall provide THC with a financial accounting of its revenue and major expenditures during the state fiscal year.

(g) Regional organizations shall maintain financial and operational records in accordance with best practices for nonprofit organizations. The Commission, or an authorized representative of the state, may request documentation from, or inspection of, a regional organization's records in accordance with state law requirements.

Source Note: The provisions of this §30.6 adopted to be effective March 4, 2019, 44 TexReg 1120

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