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RULE §5.9331Definitions

(a) Terms not defined in this section, but that are defined in Insurance Code Chapters 2053, 2251, or 3502, or in §5.9310 of this title (relating to Property and Casualty Transmittal Information and General Filing Requirements), have the same meaning when used in this division unless the context indicates otherwise.

(b) The following terms when used in this division have the following meanings, unless the context indicates otherwise:

  (1) Disallowed expenses--Applies only to filings submitted under Insurance Code Chapter 2251. Disallowed expenses include the expenses in Insurance Code §2251.002(1-a). Payments anticipated to be made to advisory organizations that are licensed to do business in Texas for services authorized by Insurance Code Chapter 1805, Subchapter B, are not disallowed expenses.

  (2) Fees--Information concerning all policy fees, service fees, and other fees that are charged or collected by an insurer under Insurance Code §550.001 or §4005.003, or any other amounts collected by the insurer in connection with a policy, other than the premium. This information includes both the amount of the fees and the rules governing when the fees are charged and how they are earned.

  (3) Insurer--An insurer authorized to write property and casualty insurance in Texas, including an insurance company, reciprocal or interinsurance exchange, mutual insurance company, capital stock company, county mutual insurance company, association, Lloyd's plan, or other entity writing insurance in this state. The term includes an affiliate, as described by Insurance Code §823.003, if that affiliate is authorized to write insurance in Texas. The term includes an appointed managing general agent, district, or local chapter program of a county mutual insurance company described by Insurance Code §912.056(d) that manages a portion of that county mutual insurance company's business, independent of all other business of that county mutual insurance company, and that is to be treated as a separate insurer for the purposes of Insurance Code Chapters 544, 2251, 2253, and 2254, as provided in Insurance Code §912.056(e). The term does not include a farm mutual insurance company, an eligible surplus lines insurer under the Insurance Code, the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association, the Texas FAIR Plan Association, or the Texas Automobile Insurance Plan Association.

  (4) Short track filing--A filing requiring limited supporting information to determine compliance with Texas statutes and rules. For example, a filing making an editorial change to a rule that does not result in the use of rates that are not on file, or a filing referring to certain advisory organization filings, may qualify as a short track filing. TDI determines whether a filing is eligible to be reviewed as a short track filing. The TDI website lists advisory organization filings that insurers may reference in a short track filing.

Source Note: The provisions of this §5.9331 adopted to be effective November 16, 2014, 39 TexReg 8694; amended to be effective July 28, 2019, 44 TexReg 3640

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